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Tuesday, 06 June 2023

The Joint ISTC Project Process

It is now possible to submit Project Proposals for joint projects that will include Institutions that are signed with out sister organization the ISTC and are located in Russia.

STCU and ISTC joint projects are submitted as follows:

The text of the Proposal is prepared by the leading institution;

  • If the leading institution is in one of the STCU recipient countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine or Uzbekistan) then the format of the proposal will follow the standard STCU Project Proposal format. If the leading institute is not in one of the STCU recipient countries but in one of the ISTC recipient countries then the ISTC Project Proposal format will be used. The personal commitment section related to "ISTC" institution(s) remains blank and respective information from these institutions is attached in ISTC format.
  • The full Proposal in the STCU format is then presented to both Governments for obtaining Host Government Concurrence (HGC).
  • Upon obtaining HGC, the full package is presented to STCU as usual. Upon successful pre-screening and registration the STCU Executive Director (ED) informs ISTC ED of the Proposal registration and ISTC creates a reference record in their Data Bases, while keeping Proposal in original STCU format as an attachment, either paper or electronic.
  • The Proposal undergoes the usual STCU procedures up to definite Board decision on which the ISTC ED is respectively informed.
  • After 30 days ("negative concurrence" from the ISTC Board), the STCU will start execution of trilateral Project Agreement.

Please refer to the Document Center of this Web Site for further details or contact the STCU by Email.

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