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Thursday, 21 October 2021

STCU Project Status Codes

STCU uses a very detailed list of Project Status codes, which are organized in a hierarchical manner. As a project moves through the various stages, different events occur, such as submission, host government concurrence issuance, STCU approvals, publishing for western review, etc. Each of these events is tracked in the STCU Project Database and closely corresponds to a project status code. In some cases, it takes several individual events to change a status code to a new one, usually when several signatures are required.

Below is a complete description of the status codes in use in the STCU database. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the database administrator. Some items in the list are a calculation based on other items in the list; hovering your pointer over these terms will reveal the formula.

Hierarchy & Definitions

All Projects
  • Internal - this project, regardless of its stage, exists strictly within the confines of STCU. It has not yet been published for western review.
    • Open SF - we have received an Application (formerly, "Short Form"), but not yet a corresponding Proposal ("Full Form")
    • Open FF - a Proposal has been received, but it's not yet been given to a PC (either because the Proposal is not in the DB or not all HGC have been received)
    • Open CS - a Proposal is in the DB awaiting the preparation of a Cover Sheet
    • Open PP - a Partner Proposal in hand, but not yet made it to the Agreement stage (waiting for negative concurrence or partner approval, etc.)
    • Dereg - deregistered per PM request.
  • External - any project which has been published for western review
    • No Decision - this project has been published for western review but until now, it has not been funded by at least one nor rejected by all.
      • Open Sent -projects which were published for western review after the deadline i.e 1 April for the summer GBM and 1 October for the winter GBM. These projects have not been discussed at a GBM
      • Open UR- projects which have been on the list at a previous GBM but no decision (fund or reject) was made.
    • Decision - projects which have been funded by at least one donor or rejected by all donors.
      • Funded - projects which have been funded
        • Funded (S) - funded projects which are currently suspended, because of Force Majeure or other reasons
        • Funded (A)- funded projects which are currently active, that is they have begun but not completed
        • Funded (C) - funded projects which have been completed
        • Funded (U) - funded projects which are not yet signed. The day after a GBM finishes, any project which was approved for funding is considered Funded Unsigned.
        • Funded (Sgn) - after the ED signs the agreement for a funded project, it's commencement date is calculated: if signed between the 1st and 15th of the month, it's commencement date is the 1st of the current month (ie, before the ED signature); if it's signed between the 16th and the end of the month, the commencement date is the 1st of the next month. This means that a project has a 50-50 chance of being signed but not being active for up to two more weeks. Thus, Funded Signed
        • Funded (D) - approved for funding but delayed for various reasons
      • Rejected
  • Dormant - projects which are on the books but seem to have fallen into a black hole. No information about these projects in a long time. I would suggest that someone contact the PMs for these projects and either deregister them or push them to being published.
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