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Promotional Action in France and Spain

April 19 - 23, 2010

On the occasion of the Spanish Presidency of the European Union, STCU plans to focus on a promotional mission to its new Partner CIEMAT in collaboration with ISTC. Using the opportunity to travel to Spain and bearing in mind the Nuclear Energy Technical Area we decided to also extend a study visit to the ITER Joint Undertaking - Fusion for Energy Agency in Barcelona. On the basis of the interest of ITER Scientists, an additional technical meeting was organised to allow for a series of direct meetings between STCU Project Managers and European Technical Collaborators to take place at the site of ITER in Cadarache, France.

ITER - "The Way" to fusion energy.

Launched as an idea in 1985, the ITER Organization Organization was formally established on 24 October 2007, following ratification of the ITER Agreement by all Members.

The ITER Agreement brings together the People's Republic of China, the European Atomic Energy Community (via EURATOM), the Republic of India, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation and the United States of America in an international collaboration to establish fusion as a new source of energy.

Additional information is accessible from: http://www.iter.org/org/Pages/Default.aspx

The STCU visit was planned for Monday 19 April. The group was composed of 7 persons with Ukrainian and Georgian scientists, and two STCU persons. We canceled the venue because of the travel problems that occured in late April.

ITER Joint Undertaking - Fusion for Energy in Barcelona

The European Joint Undertaking for ITER and the Development of Fusion Energy or 'Fusion for Energy' is a type of European organisation known as a Joint Undertaking created under the Euratom Treaty by a decision of the Council of the European Union.

'Fusion for Energy' is established for a period of 35 years from 19th April 2007 and is situated in Barcelona, Spain. The organisation has the following Members which can be likened to “shareholders”:

  • Euratom, represented by the European Commission;
  • the Member States of Euratom;
  • third countries which have concluded cooperation agreements with Euratom in fusion that associate their respective research programmes with the Euratom programmes and which have expressed their wish to become Members.

The current Members are therefore the 27 Member States of the European Union, Euratom and Switzerland as a third country. 'Fusion for Energy' was established in March 2007

The STCU visit was planned for Wednesday 21 April. The group was composed of 7 persons with Ukrainian and Georgian scientists, and two STCU persons.


CIEMAT as National Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology is involved in the development of scientific and technical activities for finding solutions for the improvement of the use of resources and energy generation systems, for the development of alternative energy sources and for solving the problems of the Spanish companies regarding energy and its effects on the environment. Consequently, CIEMAT have facilities, instrumentation and human teams for covering a huge spectrum of scientific and technological topics.

The programme for first day was a plenary session with all the participants. On the second day took place three parallel thematic sessions for deepened discussions. The STCU group totalled 9 persons with Ukrainian and Georgian scientists, and three STCU persons.

Meetings Agenda List of Participants

Opening Statement



Innovative Projects

Radiation Effects in Solids after High Energy Electron Irradiation

Space Capabilities

Goal of STCU Mission

- to directly interact with European Technical Collaborators,

- to identify new paths for collaborative research and technological needs,

- to secure new partnerships interested in financing R&D projects.

Plan of Visits

April 19 - ITER France, the CEA Agency (Cadarache)

April 21- ITER Joint Undertaking - Fusion for Energy (Barcelona)

April 22 - CIEMAT NIS-EU Cooperation Conference (Madrid)

April 23 - CIEMAT Thematical Workshops (Madrid):

on Nuclear Energy; Nanotechnologies; Space and Aeronautics.



STCU Contact Person:

Email : elena.shelest@stcu.int