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Israeli Delegation Visits the STCU

16 Jun 2004

On 16 June 2004 a delegation headed by Mr. Eliezer Sandberg, Israeli Minister of Science and Technologies, visited the STCU Secretariat in Kiev. The Minister was accompanied by Mrs. Naomi Ben-Ami, Ambassador of Israel to Ukraine, other representatives of the embassy, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Following presentations made by STCU staff it became known that the STCU’s experience could be of interest to Israeli officials in two major fields:
1. Possible scientific and business cooperation between Israeli business and STCU scientists. In view of that the discussion was focused on all possible actions that are to be undertaken in order to have common projects, including the accession of Israel as a Party to the STCU Agreement and through the Partnership program.
2. Political aspects which referred to the role of the STCU as a timely proven instrument in preventing the proliferation of WMD technologies and expertise to terrorist groups and governments unfriendly to Israel in the Middle East. There was also an interest in the geographical expansion of the STCU into the Middles East.
The Israeli visitors were assured that any kind of further information that could be of interest would be provided by the STCU. The information about the STCU would be considered at the Economic section of the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine and by Israeli officials in Tel-Aviv in order to examine possible ways of cooperation.

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