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Practical Aspects of Procurement Under SCTU Policies and Rules

12 Feb 2004 - 12 Mar 2004

This year, the STCU Administrative Department holds training seminars on practical aspects of procurement under the STCU procurement policies and rules. The training seminars take place every first Monday of the month in the STCU Kyiv Office. The seminar starts at 10 am. The seminarís duration is 2 hours. The first seminar shall be held on 1 March, 2004.

The seminars are open to anyone involved with an STCU project and interested in procurement-related issues. STCU signed project participants, as well as those individuals whose projects are to be signed with the STCU, are advised to attend the seminars. Before attending the seminar, please read the STCU Procurement Manual at

In addition to the training seminars in Kyiv Office, Procurement Officers will arrange for similar seminars to be conducted in the STCU Field Offices in Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Lviv, Tashkent and Tbilisi. The schedule of the field training seminars will be available later.

Should you like to attend a seminar, please let the Administrative Department know about it two business days in advance by sending an electronic mail or fax message to Marina Dzubinska (e-mail:; fax: +38 044 490 7145).

Contact Person: Marina Dzubinska

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