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STCU and Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Launch New Cooperative Initiative

29 Apr 2005

STCU and Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Launch New Cooperative Initiative

On 8 April 2005, the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) and the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine (NASU) launched their first-ever, cost-sharing initiative: a Targeted R&D Initiative that will select Ukrainian research projects for co-financing by the STCU and NASU. Up to $1 million USD, shared equally by the STCU and NASU, will be used to support projects that will focus the talents of former weapon scientists on specific research areas that are among Ukraine’s national S&T priorities for social and economic development.

This joint initiative is one of the largest single, national, cooperative science efforts of its kind in Ukraine’s history. The equal sharing of the project financing is an important step in forging a true partnership between the STCU and Ukraine’s national-level science programs. It will also bring together the talents of Ukrainian scientists and foreign collaborators from the STCU donor parties: Canada, the European Union, and the United States. The participation of Ukrainian and foreign experts is seen as critical to the effectiveness and merit of the chosen projects, and furthers Ukraine’s integration in the global S&T community as well as enhances its position within this community.

These co-funded projects, which will be selected in the coming weeks, will be chosen for their contribution to the missions of the STCU and NASU. For the STCU, the Initiative will support its nonproliferation mission of integrated former WMD scientists into long-term, valuable, non-weapons research activities. For NASU, the Initiative will support its mission of fostering science excellence in Ukraine and focusing S&T development in specific areas identified as national priorities for Ukrainian economic and technical development.

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