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STCU – Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Establish A Cooperative Framework

05 Aug 2009 - 30 Aug 2009
STCU – Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Establish A Cooperative Framework

On 28 July 2009, the STCU Executive Director Andrew Hood and Academician Mikhail Zgurovsky (Rector of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, KPI) signed a statement of cooperation establishing the frame for future STCU-KPI cooperation. This framework clarifies the areas and manner in which STCU ex-weapon scientist redirection programs will interact with KPI academic R&D and technology transfer efforts. Many in the KPI faculty have professional backgrounds in the ex-USSR military weapons R&D complex, and KPI has participated in many previous STCU projects and programs focusing on WMD scientist redirection.

The STCU headquarters office was recently moved to a facility on the KPI campus, and KPI will soon begin construction of a new STCU headquarters facility. Given this closer, long-term relationship, STCU Executive Director Hood expressed his desire for STCU to have a successful working partnership with KPI. Academician Zyguorvsky also noted the importance for KPI to find ways to combine its technical research base with the STCU’s established expertise in international S&T cooperation and commercialization of science.

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