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Sunday, 03 December 2023

What we offer

Research Partnerships

Through the STCU Partner Program, private companies, industry organizations, academic and non-government organizations, and government agencies and programs from European Union, and the USA may contract for research and development work with Azeri, Georgian, Moldovan, Ukrainian and Uzbek scientists and institutes.

By virtue of the STCU’s status as a diplomatically-accredited inter-governmental organization and because of its highly-qualified staff, Partners enjoy significant benefits including: (1) the professional support the STCU renders at the project development stage, and (2) having their projects administered by the STCU during the project implementation stage.

Research Support

Scientists from the STCU Donor Parties (the European Union, USA) may collaborate directly with recipient-country scientists on the implementation of STCU Regular Projects which have been approved for funding by one or more of the Donor Parties.

Technology Marketplace

Technology search – finding the right technology to meet your needs. With our network of institutes throughout Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, we are able to assist you in matching your specific technology needs with expertise from these key research facilities.

Partnering Events

The goal of Partnering Events is to showcase recent advances in technologies of Azeri, Georgian, Ukrainian, and Uzbek scientists and engineers to the business and scientific communities of the European Union, and the United States of America. These events allow for fruitful technology exchange and create opportunities for former WMD scientists and engineers to integrate into the international community and to develop sustainable civilian research work.

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