Thursday, 08 December 2022


Scientists and Partners working with STCU benefit from:

  • Direct Support
    • Project planning and agreement preparation support
    • Rigorous oversight of project implementation and funding expenditure through on-site monitoring and auditing of projects
    • Tax-free grant payments made directly to the researchers doing the work
    • Customs clearance assistance provided; procurement of equipment and materials free of duties and taxes
  • Practical Considerations
    • Moderate R&D costs
    • Host government concurrence and security review
    • Tri-lingual STCU staff (English, Ukrainian or local native, and Russian)
  • Mission Support
    • The opportunity to work with highly innovative and talented scientists at important institutes throughout Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan
    • Support peaceful, civilian research in the interests of WMD nonproliferation and global security

The STCU renders guidance and administrative support to the Partners during the project development stage, and administrative oversight during the project implementation stage.

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