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Monday, 13 July 2020

Partner Project Oversight

The STCU designates staff to monitor Partner Project:

  • The Partnership Manager
    • is the STCUís principal point of contact for the Partner throughout the project lifecycle
    • engages in preliminary negotiations with a Partner and Recipient
    • facilitates communication during the application for Partner Status stage
    • coordinates Partner Proposal review and registration
    • facilitates communication during Activity Approval stage
    • oversees the Non-Governmental Partner Project Agreement or Governmental Partner Project Agreement preparation/approval/signing process
    • communicates with the Partner during the project implementation stage, including discussions related to the acceptance of deliverables; amendments to the agreement, and Partnerís approval of reprogramming of funds between budget lines, if any
  • The Senior Specialist
  • Administrative Officer
    • handles procurement issues
  • Custom Specialist
    • handles and facilitates custom clearance issues
  • Project Accountant
    • tracking time-sheets
    • financial settlements