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Monday, 18 October 2021


Any STCU recipient country organization may submit a project proposal. They may be an institute, university, design office, state enterprise, corporation, firm, fund, foundation, or other legally-registered organization. Several organizations, in one or more STCU recipient countries, may submit a 'joint proposal.' Project teams, led by a project manager or by project managers, develop proposals for submittal to the STCU for funding. All grant recipients must be citizens of an STCU recipient country. Young scientists may participate, they can even form and lead their own teams, so long as the resultant team meets STCU guidelines.

Joint Proposals enable small groups of scientists to compete effectively, by allowing them to add resources from other organizations that may include, sufficient numbers of former weapons scientists to meet STCU guidelines and specialists with skills or abilities critical to achieve project objectives.

The STCU works in many different scientific areas but there are a few main Technical Areas that STCU considers valuable these are:

  • Nuclear Safety
  • Environmental Monitoring & Protection
  • Energy Saving & Production
  • Medicine & Health Care, Biological Technologies
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Information Technologies
  • Experimental Industrial Technologies
  • Experimental Technologies: Equipment & Devices
  • Experimental Technologies: Sensors, Measuring Systems
  • Experimental Technologies: Material Design
  • Experimental Technologies: Coating
  • Basic Science

Please visit or document center for further information or contact rco@stcu.int

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