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To provide written policy and procedure to STCU projects on the required identification of purchased equipment for STCU projects.


As per the audit report #2191-2004P17900013 of the Defense Contract Audit Agency of project #1183 and Observation #8 of the management letter of Lubbock Fine Chartered Accountants for the year ended December 31, 2003, the STCU was requested to provide a written policy and procedure to all projects as to identification of purchased equipment for STCU projects.


  1. Labelling

    Purchased equipment includes all items listed in Table - Equipment of the quarterly financial report. All purchased equipment for use by STCU projects shall be clearly (placed in a prominent and easy to see place on the equipment) labeled in the manner illustrated below:


    STCU ID #: _________________
    STCU Project #: _____________
    Serial #: ___________________

    This will allow the STCU to easily identify the equipment purchased by the STCU for the project during performance of monitorings or audits. Furthermore, the serial number assigned by the manufacturer should also be clearly indicated on the label as illustrated above.

    Labels may be obtained from the STCU website at the following web address: The labels are available in either .doc or .pdf format. If the STCU project has access to Microsoft Word, then the STCU asks that the labels be completed (project # and serial number) utilizing the STCU .doc file in MS-Word, and then printed. If Microsoft Word is not available, then the project should print the labels in .pdf format utilizing Adobe Acrobat Reader. In this case, the labels should be completed (project # and serial number) by hand in ink after printing. Alternatively, each project may make their own labels by utilizing word processing software and printer to make printed labels similar in size and dimensions as the one listed above. The labels can be separated by utilizing scissors, and then should be affixed to the equipment by the use of clear tape. The labels should be securely fastened as to ensure that the labels stay attached to the equipment throughout the life of the asset.

  2. Timing of Placement of Label

    Labels on all equipment should be placed on the equipment within one week of the receipt of the equipment. Upon completion, termination, or cessation of the project agreement, if the STCU does not request to retain title of the equipment (equipment worth more than $2,500 USD), then the label may be removed. If the STCU does request title to the equipment, then the label should remain.

  3. STCU ID# (this field is to be left blank until end of 2005)

    Please note that the STCU ID number is currently not in use, and will not be utilized until the end of 2005. Thus, until the end of 2005, this ID# should be left blank. In the future, the STCU will assign a unique ID number to every piece of equipment purchased for STCU projects. This ID number will be used for internal accounting purposes only. The value of ID numbers will be communicated to project managers in a special STCU letter in the future.

  4. Where to find Serial Numbers on Equipment

    Serial Numbers are often difficult to locate on equipment, so please utilize the following methods for determining the serial number of equipment:

    1. Serial Numbers are often identified by the abbreviation "S/N" followed by the serial number of the equipment.
    2. If the piece of equipment has a bar code, then the serial number is normally located above the bar code.
    3. The serial number is a way of identifying pieces of equipment that are from the same manufacturer and have the same model number. Equipment with the same manufacturer and model number will never have the same serial number. However, it is possible, although highly unlikely, that two pieces of equipment from different manufacturers may have the same serial number. Again, this is highly unlikely.
    4. For those pieces of equipment without serial numbers (i.e. non-name brand assembled computers), please use the invoice number paid or contract number for the equipment purchase as the serial number.

  5. Special Issues
    1. There will often arise situation where equipment will be purchased that is a component or piece of a larger equipment item. For example, a hard disk for a computer, is a component of the computer (the larger item). In those cases where component parts require a label, the label should be placed on the outside of the larger item. For example, in the hard disk example, the label for the hard disk should be placed on the outside of the computer case. This will allow the label to be visible.


This procedure is effective 1 November 2004.

Andrew A. Hood
Executive Director

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