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Saturday, 13 April 2024

Western Scientists

Submit a Collaboration or Support Letter

The STCU invites Western scientists to provide written letters of recommendation for proposed projects. Please note that current STCU policy distinguishes between a letter of support versus an expression of intent to collaborate, and that proposed projects must obtain either two letters of support or one expression of interest to collaborate for a regular project proposal to be submitted by the STCU to the Financing Parties for review.

Become a Partner

Private companies, industry organizations, government agencies and programs from European Union, and the USA can apply for Partner Status.


Foreign collaborators play a crucial role in STCU projects by bringing outside expertise and experience and - particularly, in case of weapons scientists at formerly closed facilities - by providing personal contact with the broader world of civilian science. Moreover, foreign collaborators are often more aware of recent developments in applied science and technology of the type which have direct commercial applications; in short, they often have a better appreciation of the high-tech marketplace and therefore, in many instances can act as a bridge between basic R&D and business needs. For these reasons, STCU strongly encourages Ukrainian, Georgian, Uzbek and Azerbaijanian scientists to develop their proposals working with a foreign collaborator.

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