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Saturday, 22 June 2024

Who we are

Mission Statement

STCU Vision Statement:

To advance global peace and prosperity through cooperative Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) risk mitigation by supporting civilian science and technology partnerships and collaboration that address global security threats and advance non-proliferation.

STCU Mission:

  • To address the global security threat of the proliferation of WMD-applicable chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) knowledge and materials;
  • To support the integration of scientists with WMD applicable knowledge into global scientific and economic communities through national, regional, and international research collaboration;
  • To develop and sustain a culture of nonproliferation and CBRN security awareness and responsibility through education, mentorship, and training;
  • To promote international best practices and security culture to mitigate CBRN security threats.

Near-Term Strategy

In the next five to seven years, it is crucial to the above mission that the STCU invigorate its sustainability and partnership functions, while continuing to maintain its other programs and functions. Rather than simply continuing to oversee projects that do not contribute to the long-term self-sufficiency of ex-Soviet weapon scientists or institutes, the STCU has to take the lead in helping those scientists and institutes stand on their own by guiding them towards successful integration into the global economic and business communities. The goal is for STCU grant recipients to become self-supporting and to make high-value contributions to domestic and global science and technology issues (both commercial and non-commercial). They must be weaned from dependency on the donor Parties’ STCU project funding and be given the skills, experience, and reputation to compete and contribute on their own in the international science, academic, and commercial worlds.

For the most part, this means preparing and guiding the recipient scientists and technicians to make the most out of their research, whether it results in commercially viable products, or continuing research funding interest outside the STCU. They must develop long-term relationships with private sector and/or governmental partners. Most of all they must become expert with regard to all the requirements of sustained, supported scientific research and technology development in their countries, their regions, and internationally - from being able to write competitive project proposals to knowing how to protect and exploit the intellectual property rights these projects may spin off.

This will require a set of strategic objectives that reflect the new focus on redirection to self-sustaining civilian employment. It will also require a review and reform of existing STCU activities as well as a well-thought-out distribution of portfolios within the executive staff and across the organization.

Governing Board

Document Center

Document Center contains documents related doing business, procedures and policies, application forms, our history and so on. Most of the files here are available for download.

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