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Saturday, 22 June 2024

CIS Scientists

Apply for a Grant

The STCU grant process consists of three main stages: Short form application, Full form application and the Project Agreement stage. Please review the "Typical STCU Project Lifecycle" for a simplified graphic view of the STCU Project Process.

Managing Your Project

The STCU does not manage projects. Rather it administrates and oversees projects on behalf of the funding parties. The responsibility of managing any given project lies entirely with the project manager. The Project Agreement, which consists of the main body of the agreement, the work plan (Annex I - supported by the schedule, personnel, and funding tables), the General Conditions (Annex II), and the Formats for Progress and Technical Reports (Annex III) outline the specific issues for which the project manager is responsible.

Search for a Partner

Private companies, industry organizations, government agencies and programs from Canada, European Union, and the USA can apply for Partner Status.

Project Documents & Forms

Documents and forms specifically related to the STCU project submittal process, STCU project oversight activities & procedures, as well as additional information and instructions that may assist Project Managers in recipient countries to implement their projects.

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