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Saturday, 13 April 2024

Apply for a Grant

The STCU Grant Process

The STCU grant process consists of three main stages: Short form application, Full form application and the Project Agreement stage. Please review the "Typical STCU Project Lifecycle" for a simplified graphic view of the STCU Project Process.

Short Form

Program Managers and Scientists begin the Grant or Project funding process by obtaining the STCU Project Software" and downloading the small easy to use program. Once the program is downloaded the Program Manager or Lead Scientist completes the Short Form, this short form is then sent to the STCU either online or via email to the rco@stcu.int for registration and approval by the STCU Deputy Executive Directors.

Once the short form has been registered a representative of the STCU will send the Program Manager a Registration Letter confirming the registration process along with a registration number or Project Number. This process will usually occur in less the 30 business days. The registration number is used to complete the Full Form which is also contained in the same STCU Project Software used to create the Short Form.

Full Form

Once the Program Manager has completed the Full Form, the completed Full Form is sent to the Host Country by the Program Manager for approval. This is usually submitted to the Ministry of Science and Education in Ukraine, Department of Science and Technology in Georgia, Azerbaijan Academy of Science, Science and Technology Center in Uzbekistan and Academy of Science of Moldova. Completion of the Full Form process generally takes 2 to 3 months. However when more then one country is required for concurrence the process may take slightly longer. Please keep in mind that only countries that have a signed agreement with the STCU can participate and currently these are limited to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Joint Projects with the ISTC in Kazakhstan are also possible and are explained in another area of the STCU Web Site. When the Host Government approves the Project, the Host Government will send a Letter of Concurrence to the STCU and an STCU Senior Specialist will develop a "Transmittal Coversheet" for Funding Party review. The STCU requires that Letters of Recommendation and Support for each Project Proposal be submitted along with the Coversheet.

Project Agreement

The Funding Parties or Governing Board will review the Project based on overall merit and present their decisions during one of the semiannual Governing Board Meetings (GBM). You can review previous GBM decisions on our Web Site. Decisions made by the Governing Boards can take many forms; Approval, Rejected, Postponed for clarification or Postponed to a later Governing Board Meeting. Once a positive decision has been made by the Governing Board the Project is considered "Funded" and active. Program Mangers will be notified by the STCU that their Project has received a favorable decision from the Governing Board and a Project Agreement will be signed between the STCU and the Project Participants.

Other areas that you may find of interest include the Document Center, Managing Your Project and Project Oversight

If you should have any other questions please feel free to contact us by email or through any of the other Contacts available through our Web Site

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