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Saturday, 22 June 2024

STCU Project Software or STCU PS

The Science and Technology Center in Ukraine or "STCU" uses a proprietary software application known as the STCU Project Software, STCU PS, STCU Project Software, the Project Software; is written, maintained and published by the Science and Technology Center in the Ukraine with the financial assistance of the governments of the European Union, and the United States of America, as Parties to the Agreement Establishing the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine.

The Science and Technology Center in Ukraine has developed this software application solely for the purpose of obtaining and correlating all the necessary technical, financial and personal information or data to assist Scientists, Organizations and Institutions of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan obtain funding and or support for Projects related to scientific research or scientific research development.

All the information collected in the STCU PS is important and should be considered "required" in order for the project to be considered for potential support by the funding parties. With 10 years of experience working with our various funding parties and host countries; we here at the STCU have learned what information is needed and required by each and all of the interested parties to give you, the program manager, the best possible chance for obtaining funding and or finding technical support.

The information is collected in the manner in which it is, so that the data will go into our electronic storage system properly, to ensure that it can be referenced properly at a later date and so that the automatically generated documents that are produced by the software will be produced in the proper way. The software will generate all files necessary for your project, including English, Russian or Ukrainian versions as determined by the locations of the participating institutions, letters to Ministries, a complete list of Previous Professional Experience pages for each Weapon Scientist listed, and more.


Scientists from Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova and Georgia are eligible to apply for Grants under the STCU Grant or Project Process. Projects funded through the STCU require a minimum participation of at least 30-50% of the work force assigned to a Project to be former Weapon Scientists.

STCU Projects

The STCU Project Software is used for all STCU Project submittals. STCU Projects can be categorized into two specific types at the STCU; Standard or Regular Projects and Partnership Projects.

Regular Projects

Standard or "Regular" Projects or Grants are selected for funding by our donor countries after the project was evaluated by experts and was considered valuable for funding based on multiple considerations, which may include technical merit, contribution to non-proliferation aims, policy priorities, potential for integration of scientists into global science community, commercial potential and or prospect for sustainability. Regular Project proposals compete with all other regular project proposals for the limited amount of funds that are available by the funding parties. Regular Projects are all funded by governments of our financing parties.

Complete details of the Standard or Regular Project process can be found at www.stcu.int/cis/grant/index.php

Partnership Projects or Grants

Partnership Projects or Grants differ from the previous type, because they are funded from the budgets of private or federal companies and or institutions that are "Partners" to the STCU. Scientists sign contracts with those companies and STCU provides the financial and technical monitoring.

Partnership Projects can be divided into two separate categories; Governmental and Non-Governmental Partnership Projects. Partnership Projects are funded by either governmental or private-sector organizations in the territories of the Financing Parties. Governmental Partnership Projects use a separate budget of money then the standard or Regular Projects and operate under a different set of rules. Non-Governmental or Private Sector Projects have no competition for the funds and are solely based on the willingness of the financing party to provide the funds.

Complete details of the STCU Partnership Project or Grant process can be found at www.stcu.int/offer/commercialcountries/index.php

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