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Saturday, 22 June 2024

STCU Project Software: FAQ

Q: Why can't I change the Project Number?
A: The project number is assigned by STCU and provided for your information. It is used on all printed documentation. To prevent any mistakes, this field cannot be altered.

Q: What is the difference between a Warning and an Error?
A: An error is something which prohibits the project from being considered complete and correct and will prevent the user from submitting the file. A warning is something that the software wants to draw your attention to, but will not prevent the project from being considered complete and ready for submission.

Q: Why can't I edit the Print Documents?
A: The project documents are generated entirely from the data provided in the software. If there are any mistakes in the printed documents, you must make the changes in the software and regenerate the printed documents.

Q: How many Organizations, Scientists, Collaborators, etc. can be on the project?
A: The software sets no limits on the number of items which can be listed on any page. You can include as many Organizations, Scientists, Collaborators, Equipment items, etc. in your project as necessary.

Q: How do I enter the number of days for the quarters in a stage?
A: The days information for the quarters in a stage are calculated from the information provided from the stage's sub-stages. For instance, if the stage has two sub-stages which are both active in Quarter 1 and both are scheduled for 20 days work, then the Stage will display 40 days of work for Quarter 1.

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