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Saturday, 13 April 2024

Regular vs Partner Projects

There are 2 types of Grants or Projects at the STCU:


Regular Grants or Projects are selected for funding by our donor countries after the project was evaluated by experts and was considered valuable for funding based on multiple considerations, which may include technical merit, contribution to non-proliferation aims, policy priorities, potential for integration of scientists into global science community, commercial potential and or prospect for sustainability. Regular Project proposals compete with all other regular project proposals for the limited amount of funds that are available by the funding parties. Regular Projects are all funded by governments of our financing parties. The procedure of the Regular Project application you can find at www.stcu.int/stcups/downloads/

Partnership Grants or Projects

Partner grants differ from the previous type, because they are funded from the budgets of private or federal companies and institutes that are "Partners" to the STCU. Scientists sign contracts with those companies and STCU provides the financial and technical monitoring.

Partner Projects can be divided into two separate categories; Governmental and Non-Governmental Partnership Projects. Partnership Projects are funded by either governmental or private-sector organizations in the territories of the Financing Parties. Governmental Partnership Projects use a separate budget of money then the standard or Regular Projects and operate under a different set of rules. Non-Governmental or Private Sector Projects have no competition for the funds and are solely based on the willingness of the financing party to provide the funds.

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