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Saturday, 13 April 2024


The Science and Technology Center in Ukraine proprietary software application, hence forth known as the STCU Project Software, STCU PS, or the STCU Project Software, is written, maintained and published by the Science and Technology Center in the Ukraine.

The Science and Technology Center in Ukraine has developed this software application solely for the purpose of obtaining and collating all the necessary technical, financial and personal information or data in an electronic format to assist Scientists, Organizations and Institutions of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan obtain funding and or support for Projects related to scientific research or scientific research development.

All the information collected in the STCU PS is important and should be considered "required" in order for the project to be considered for potential support by the funding parties. With 10 years of experience working with our various funding parties and host countries we, the STCU, have learned what information is needed and required by each and all of the interested parties to give you the program manager the best possible chance for the potential funding and for finding support.

The information is collected in the manner in which it is, so that the data will go into our electronic storage system properly, to ensure that it can be referenced properly at a later date and so that the automatically generated documents that are produced by the software will be produced in the proper way. The software will generate all files necessary for your project, including English, Russian or Ukrainian versions as determined by the locations of the participating institutions, letters to Ministries, a complete list of Previous Professional Experience pages for each Weapon Scientist listed, and more.

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