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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Description of the Support and Collaboration Letters

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The STCU invites Western Scientists to provide official letters (on paper with letterhead) to indicate their interest in a proposed project. The Western Scientist may choose either to submit a Letter of Support or a Letter of Collaboration. The differences between the two documents are detailed below and will impact the Scientist in a different manner. Please take the time to read the differences. The STCU policy does not allow to provide financial support to Western Scientists that participate in a project, also this does not implicate any financial obligation on their part. A Regular project aims at developing Collaborative Research with the intent of forming scientific linkages between our Recipient Scientists and the Western Counterparts.

Letter of Support

  • a letter of support should highlight and briefly evaluate the strengths and experience of the project team or institute(s) to be involved in the proposed project;
  • a letter of support does not imply or convey a commitment to future participation or formal involvement in the proposed project, it is,
  • a relatively passive recommendation that broadly highlights the technical merits of the proposed project;
  • a letter of support may indicate positive work experiences the recommender has had in the past with members of the proposed projectís team;
  • a strong letter of support will draw attention to the particular way in which a proposed project will promote progress and advance knowledge in a given scientific area.

Letter of Collaboration

  • indicates true commitment on the part of a western scientist to actively participate in an STCU project as an unpaid, foreign technical advisor. The level of collaboration varies from project to project, but must be clearly expressed in the letter;
  • Examples by which a Western scientist may collaborate are:
    • Contribute to the development of the project proposal and work plan;
    • Participate in project site visits facilitated (but not paid) by the STCU;
    • Assist project personnel with visits to the US/EU/Canada;
    • Exchanges of information during project implementation;
    • Engage in mutual reviews of technical reports;
    • Provide recommendations on the implementation and direction of project work to ensure project goals, as set out in the work plan, are met;
    • Plan and coordinate joint seminars, workshops, meetings, consultations;
    • Verify results using independent methods or equipment;
    • Share scare materials, samples, resources, and provide any technical assistance as required;
    • Explore the possibility of and encourage commercialization of the products developed or discovered by the project;
    • Provide leadership/guidance and recommendations for future scientific &commercial developments beyond the immediate project deliverables;
  • Only a letter of collaboration shall enable a project application to be considered for financial support by STCU Funding Parties. It reflects a real intention to establish scientific collaborative ties and fullfils the STCU goal of bridging people and knowledge. If there are any questions regarding the level of collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact the STCU for clarification.
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