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Friday, 12 July 2024

Commercialization and Patent Support

Explanation of STCU Commercialization and Patent Process

The Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) and all Institutes that conduct work under Project Agreements with the STCU are responsible for protecting the intellectual property developed under such agreements. Additionally, the Institutes are encouraged to identify and take steps necessary to protect the pre-existing technology of the institutes. This pre-existing technology is often referred to as background intellectual property. The general allocation of intellectual property rights resulting from STCU projects is outlined in the STCU Statute and the specific rights of the parties in any particular Project Agreement are reflected in the information and intellectual property provisions of that Agreement.


STCU is providing financial support for protection of intellectual property resulting from STCU projects. STCU finances patenting efforts of scientists in R&D of current projects through the interaction with the recipient's organization.

List of Lawyers

List of Ukrainian Patent Attorneys

Time Line

To be eligible for a patent application grant, the project participants must:

  1. Provide:
    • The completed application form typed only on STCU Patent
    • Information about governmental or commercial organizations which use or will use probably this invention. (only titles)
    • Short description of invention (approximately one page)
    • Letter about distribution of rights on Intellectual Property, if 2 or more Institutes take part in the project.
    • Supporting letter from company, this interested to use intellectual property for foreign patenting.
    • Information about Patent specialist, which will provide necessary service for foreign patenting.
    Incomplete applications will not be accepted by the STCU. Applicants are responsible for identifying any confidential information contained in their application. Such information will be available only to the STCU staff.
    E-mail: rco@stcu.int
  2. Register (obtain a registration number) by the Patent Officer
  3. STCU review patent application grant on Patent Grants Consideration Committee. The committee makes a decision about expediency of financial support of a concrete object of the intellectual property.
  4. The time for consideration for a patent application grant is 1 month from the date of registration (obtaining a registration number).

How to get more information

List to Specific Document Materials

Specific STCU Contact Information

Patent Officer
Phone: (380-44) 490-7150
E-mail: rco@stcu.int
Science and Technology Center in Ukraine
7a Metalistiv Street
Kyiv, 03057 Ukraine
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