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The 27th Meeting of the STCU Governing Board

17 Nov 2008 - 25 Nov 2008
The 27th Meeting of the STCU Governing Board

The 27th Meeting of the STCU Governing Board convened on 20 November 2008 at the Ministry of Education & Science of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine), and approved 17 regular science projects (including continuations) totaling US$877,075 and 1,695,033. The Governing Board also approved 9 new Partner Projects and 12 Partner Project extensions, all totaling approximately US$2,101,189 and 292,800.

Further, the Governing Board approved 7 co-funded Azeri science projects from the second round of the Targeted R&D Initiative program between STCU and the Azeri National Academy of Sciences (totaling US$295,824 and 38,338 from STCU, which will be matched by an equivalent amount of Azeri funds). The Board also approved initiating new Targeted Initiative rounds for 2009 with Ukraine and Georgia, and expresses its willingness to initiate a new Targeted Initiative agreement with the Moldova in 2009.

In other business, the Governing Board welcomed Mrs. Anneli Pauli (Deputy Director General for Research, European Commission) as its new Chairperson, appointed Dr. Igor V. Lytvynov as the new STCU Senior Deputy Executive Director (Ukraine), and approved the STCU administrative operating and supplemental budgets for the 2009 fiscal year.

The STCU Governing Board also discussed the near-term relocation of the STCU headquarter offices to a temporary location on the campus of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in Ukraine, as well as the conditions for this relocation and plans for a future permanent site for the STCU offices. All the Governing Board members expressed their strong support for STCU and their desire to have STCU operations continue without disruption during these near-term and future office relocations.

Further details and documents from the 27th Meeting of the STCU Governing Board can be found in the Governing Board section of the STCU Web Site.

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