Tuesday, 06 June 2023

STCU News and Announcements

Title EventDate Type
STCU conducted a Remote Workshop for Ukrainian Nuclear Experts and Scientists entitled Series on SMR Site Characterization March 21 23, 2023 2023.03.21 News
Targeted Initiative on export controls side event during the 9th Review Conference of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention 2022.12.27 News
The video of the Train the Trainers Course on CBRN Emergency Medicine 2022.12.13 News
Radiological Crime Scene Management Exercise in Azerbaijan 2022.12.10 News
STCU Annual Report 2021 2022.12.07 News
2022.11.18 News
MSCA4Ukraine: upcoming call in September - preliminary information for applicants 2022.07.28 News
TI Update on Export Controls 2022.07.12 News
Board 54, Hybrid in Brussels and via ZOOM and written procedure 2022.05.04 News
STCU response to MoD of RF April 14, '22 allegations 2022.04.14 News
Expansion of the TSNU extra mural Master on Economic Security of Entrepreneurship at Taras Schevchenko National University in Kyiv, Ukraine 2022.01.31 News
STCU Annual Report 2020 2022.01.17 News
Know Your Customer for Emerging Biotechnologies 2021.11.16 News
Fact Finding Visit to Armenia 2021.11.08 News
Fact Finding Visit to Ukraine 2021.11.08 News
Webinar series to Promote Responsible Science in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Moldova 2021.07.21 News
PRESS RELEASE Project 88 - Kick-off Meeting 24thJune 2021 2021.06.24 News
Training on Identifying Dual-Use Goods and Technologies in Ukraine 2021.06.23 News
European Union Targeted Initiative on Export Controls of Dual-Use Materials and Technologies in GUAM Countries 2021.06.07 News
STCU expands cooperation with Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University 2021.05.21 News
Workshop on Radiological Crime Scene Management in Azerbaijan 2021.05.18 News
Online Train the Trainers Workshop 2021.04.13 News
Nuclear Forensics Programme at STCU 2021.04.05 News
Nature Research Awards for Driving Global Impact 2021.03.11 News
New Masters Degree Program on Global Policy and Security Studies authorized by the Georgian Authorities 2021.02.09 News
Non-proliferation education and training of master students in the Technical University of Moldova 2021.02.02 News
The Georgian Radiation Regulatory Authority (LEPL Agency of Nuclear and Radiation Safety) receives European Union-Funded Mobile Laboratory 2021.01.19 News
PRESS RELEASE 2020.11.26 News
2020.10.20 News
The US Embassy in coordination with the STCU has issued a press release 2020.04.24 News
- 2020.04.24 News
CONDENsE Collected Abstracts 2020.03.30 News
Promotion in the Republic of Moldova of the Guide on export control, re-export, import and transit of strategic goods 2020.03.02 News
Handbook on Georgia's Export Control System 2020.03.02 News
EU INSC Actions for Serbia 2020.02.20 News
U.N. General Assembly Passes Resolution on Youth, Disarmament, and non-proliferation 2020.02.03 News
German Federal Ministry of Education and Science (BMBF) published a new important call for Establishment of German-Ukrainian Cores of Excellence in Ukraine 2019.12.26 News
STCU Annual Report 2018 2019.12.02 News
First Donors Biosafety and Biosecurity Conference in Ukraine 2019.11.27 News
Biosurveillance Network of the Silk Road (BNSR) Annual Meeting 2019.09.25 News
Summer School on Nuclear Forensics Science for GUAM Countries 2019.09.09 News
STCU attends 4th meeting of the Information Sharing Initiative (ISI) in Odessa 2019.09.03 News
CONDENsE 2019.08.29 News
COnference on Nonproliferation and Dual-use awarENEss. 28-30 August 2019, Ypres, Belgium 2019.08.28 News
STCU Participates at a Meeting of the National Focal Points of the EU CBRN Risk Mitigation Initiative in Brussels 2019.06.12 News
The Spring University on Export Control for the GUAM Countries, May 20-24, 2019 2019.05.20 News
Training on Identifying Dual-Use Goods and Technologies in Ukraine: General Framework, Key Points on Missile and Nuclear Technologies, and Test Cases 2019.05.20 News
EU CBRN Centers of Excellence - Biosafety Association of Central Asia and the Caucasus 6-th Annual Conference BACAC: Bridging the Gaps 2019.03.11 News
Global Forum on Scientific Advances Important to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention 2019.01.23 News
The 47th Meeting of the STCU Governing Board 6 December 2018, Kyiv, Ukraine 2018.12.06 News
SPECIAL RESEARCH FUND 2018 - 2020 2018.11.13 News
Seminar on Challenges of the Scientific and Technological Evolution for the Export Control Systems in GUAM Countries 2018.10.15 News
Expanding Multidisciplinary Collaboration within BNSR: Biosurveillance Network of the Silk Road (BNSR) Annual Meeting 2018.09.24 News
The first South East and Eastern Europe (SEEE) Regional Radiological Detection Exercise LIONSHIELD was hosted in Tbilisi between 5 and 8 June 2018 2018.06.05 News
Ukraine joins Clean Sky 2 programme with engine-oriented AMBEC project 2018.05.24 News
2nd Preparatory Meeting for LIONSHIELD 2018 Exercise 2018.04.03 News
Seminar on Export Control of Dual-use Materials and Technologies in GUAM Countries 2018.03.14 News
STCU and the Institute of Technology Bandung (Indonesia) signed the Memorandum of understanding and cooperation. 2018.02.22 News
European Union CBRN Centres of Excellence Initiative 2018.02.06 News
European Union funded Nuclear Forensics Programme at STCU 2018.02.06 News
Visit to People's Democratic Republic of Algeria by Azerbaijan Regional Officer of STCU, Assoc. Prof., Dr. Gulam Babayev within the delegation of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) headed by President of ANAS, academician Akif Alizadeh 2017.11.27 News
Workshop on Training in Network Management Systems and Analytical Tools for Seismology 2017.10.23 News
STCU attends international meeting "Nuclear Security in Ukraine Information Sharing, Lessons Learned and Coordination" 2017.10.03 News
GUAM Regional Workshop on Nuclear Forensics Support to Prosecutions of Nuclear and Other Radioactive Material Smuggling 2017.09.27 News
Regional Workshop for Eastern Europe and Central Asia Implications of developments in science and technology for the Biological Weapons Convention 2017.09.22 News
Workshop on Radioactive Well Logging Source Risk Mitigation in ISTC and STCU Member States Held in Kazakhstan 2017.09.13 News
Visit to Baku (Azerbaijan) by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Badruzzaman on STCU Targeted Initiative on Radiological Well Logging Sources 2017.07.18 News
International Scientific Conference entitled, Transboundary Emergent Animal Diseases: Actual Aspects of Biosafety and Control 2017.06.05 News
3rd International Symposium Awareness Raising and Education on Biosafety and Biosecurity in Ukraine 2017.04.05 News
Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) Facilitates U.S. effort to Counter ISIL Chemical Attacks. 2016.12.14 News
The 43rd Meeting of the STCU Governing Board 7 December 2016; Tbilisi, Georgia 2016.12.07 News
Members of the ISTC and STCU Executive Boards visit the EU CBRN SEEE Centre of Excellence Regional Secretariat in Tbilisi 2016.12.07 News
ISTC-STCU delegation participated in the International Scientific Conference devoted to the 20th Anniversary of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health of Georgia. 2016.11.15 News
October 17-19, 2016, STCU and a representative of Ukrainian Institute of Geophysics of the NASU participated in the kick off meeting for STCU/ISTC Targeted Initiative (TI) on Radiological Well Logging Source Risk Mitigation in Astana and Atyrau, Kazakhsta 2016.10.17 News
Trilateral Meeting with Ukraine, Poland and the United States Regional Collaboration on Biological Security, Safety and Surveillance 2016.10.03 News
Regional Seminars "Awareness raising and education on Biosafety and Biosecurity in Ukraine" 2016.07.07 News
2016.06.17 News
STCU Executive Director attends the 2016 Science Day in Ukraine Event 2016.05.25 News
The 15-th Medical Biodefense Conference 2016.04.26 News
European Union Launched Project to Enhancing regional CBRN detection capacity for the Border Guards in Ukraine and Moldova 2016.04.07 News
STCU 20th Anniversary Celebration 2016.04.06 News
15-th STCU Field Officers Meeting 2016.04.05 News
The 2nd international meeting Awareness Raising and Education on Biosafety and Biosecurity in Ukraine 2016.01.27 News
SAC Meeting on Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases 2015.09.14 News
EU CBRN CoE Project 3 Training Course conducted by National Experts for the selected Ukrainian National Participants, 19 30 January 2015, Kyiv, Ukraine 2015.01.19 News
Joint Statement from the 39th Meeting of the STCU Governing Board 9 December 2014, Kyiv, Ukraine 2014.12.09 News
STCU meets Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM SE) 2014.11.12 News
STCU participated in the 15th International Conference Trends in NanoTechnology TNT 2014 2014.10.27 News
The second Nuclear Forensics training session and a lesson-learning wrap-up seminar 2014.10.14 News
STCU participated in Awareness Raising and Education on Biosafety and Biosecurity in Ukraine workshop 2014.10.14 News
STCU participated in the International Conference The Future of Biosafety and Biosecurity in Central Asia, Afghanistan and further countries from the region approaches, achievements and challenges. 2014.10.07 News
CBRN Security Culture Conference 2014.09.29 News
Meeting with the President of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan 2014.09.01 News
Technology Transfer Seminar At KPI May 28-29, 214 at KPI Registration 2014.05.26 News
Meeting with the President of the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia 2014.05.05 News
Georgia Meeting with the Rector of GEOMedi 2014.05.05 News
Meeting with the Georgian Deputy Minister of Education and Science 2014.05.05 News
Meeting with the Head of the Innovation Agency of Georgia 2014.05.05 News
Meeting with the Technology Transfer Center of Georgia 2014.05.05 News
Georgia Meeting with the Director of Institute of Metallurgy and Materials 2014.05.05 News
Georgian Seminar 2014.04.29 News
Visit of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine to Peru 2014.04.28 News
Offer to edit and critique Ukrainian science proposals 2014.03.28 News
Global Environmental and Occupational Health (GEOHealth) Network Meeting in Washington 2014.03.18 News
STCU Inserm Transfert 2014.02.27 News
Joint Statement from the 37th Meeting of the STCU Governing Board 12-13 December 2013, Baku, Azerbaijan 2013.12.13 News
STCU organized a promotional mission to the US 2013.11.14 News
World Science Day for Peace and Development 2013.11.08 News
Medical Biodefence Conference 2013.11.01 News
STCU, Poland, 13-17 October 2013 2013.10.31 News
CBRN CoE Project 31, Preliminary Meeting in Kiev, 02 October 2013 2013.10.11 News
Press release of the last CGM 2013.09.30 News
STCU Executive Director meets with Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine 2013.07.18 News
STCU meets with the Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics based in Kiev 2013.07.18 News
STCU attends 50th International Paris Air Show Le Bourget 2013.07.04 News
STCU participated at the 16-the Annual Conference of the European Biosafety Association 2013.07.04 News
STCU holds a Joint Event with American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine 2013.06.26 News
Regional Workshop on National Implementation of the Biological Weapons Convention for Eastern Europe 2013.06.18 News
Week-Long Nuclear Forensics Training Conducted in Kyiv 2013.06.03 News
The European Business Association jointly with the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine held a special reception for the EBA member companies. 2013.05.23 News
The 14th Regional Office Managers Meeting 2013.05.20 News
STCU sign updated Agreement with ANAS 2013.05.15 News
STCU Participates in inauguration of the EU funded project for Ivankiv located near Chernobyl Exclusion Zone 2013.04.30 News
STCU held a Roundtable on WMD and Dual-use Expertise/Knowledge Redirection and Prevention in cooperation with United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs 2013.04.30 News
Round Table 2013.04.17 News
NEW Program launch! 2013.01.14 News
Happy New Year 2013 2013.01.10 News
STCU meets with the representatives of Association of European Science & Technology Transfer Professionals (ASTP). 2012.12.14 News
Joint Statement from the 35th Meeting of the STCU Governing Board 2012.12.05 News
STCU Delegation finds opportunities at Third International Conference on Safe Production and Use of Nanomaterials NANOSAFE 2012 2012.11.27 News
2nd CBRN Symposium Berlin 2012.11.23 News
The US DOE conducted a working meeting with National Technical University of Ukraine Kyiv Polytechnic Institute on Sep 7, 2012 2012.09.07 News
PRESS RELEASE 2012.08.07 News
US CDC Visits Georgian, Moldavian and Ukrainian Institutes to Formulate a Joint Regional Project on TB 2012.08.03 News
Joint Statement from the 34th Meeting of the STCU Governing Board 22 June 2012, Chisinau, Moldova 2012.06.22 News
Four Days of Commercialization Skills Development for CTCOs at School of Business MIM-Kyiv 2012.05.29 News
STCU Participates in the HANNOVER MESSE 2012 International Fair Exhibition 2012.04.22 News
Participation of the STCU to Ukraine-CERN talks on Associated Country status 2012.04.13 News
STCU Participated in USIC Annual Meeting 2012 2012.03.13 News
On 12-16 March, the Ukrainian Anti-Plague Station Design Identification Mission to European Commission and advanced microbiological Institutions of France has been organized by the STCU. 2012.03.12 News
STCU Delegation holds a Meeting with NASU 2012.02.14 News
Kick-Off for STCUs S4B: Science for Business Initiative 2012.02.10 News
Joint ISTC/STCU Chernobyl Fukushima Symposium held in Japan 2012.02.03 News
On 24-27 January, the STCU conducted a study visit mission in Georgia lead by Deputy Executive Director (EU) Michel Zayet to identify state financial support opportunities towards co-funding of research projects. 2012.01.24 News
The STCU Governing Board held its 33rd Plenary Meeting on 14 December 2011 2011.12.14 News
On 6-7 December, the European Centre for Diseases Prevention and Control (ECDC) and Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control (SICDC) hosted in Stockholm (Sweden) the Roundtable on Ukrainian Anti-Plague Station Conceptual Design Phase 2011.12.06 News
STCU Competition to select scientists for visiting the world's leading industrial trade fair 2011.12.01 News
S2B: Science to Business Networking Road Show and Training Workshops conducted in three cities in Ukraine 2011.11.07 News
Biosecurity & Biosafety Training Conference in Poland 2011.10.04 News
International Environmental Forensics Workshop - Tbilisi, Georgia (13-15 September) 2011.09.13 News
STCU Delegation meets with the Authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea to discuss the project Bio-safety and bio-security Improvement at the Ukrainian Anti-Plague Station in Simferopol Implementation 2011.08.10 News
STCU signs the Memorandum of Implementation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the project Bio-safety and bio-security Improvement at the UAPS 2011.07.21 News
The 14th Annual Conference of the European Biosafety Association 2011.04.13 News
STCU Participates in the Hannover Messe 2011 Exhibition 2011.04.04 News
STCU Participated in USIC Annual Meeting 2011.03.16 News
STCU delegation at the STATELLITE 2011 2011.03.14 News
STCU participated in AUTM Annual Meeting 2011.02.27 News
Canadian Aerospace Partnering Mission 2011.02.07 News
STCU: Working 15 Years for a Better and Safer World 2010.12.06 News
The 31st STCU Governing Board Meeting 2010.11.22 News
Georgian Competitiveness Workshop 2010.10.27 News
Institute Sustainability Round-Tables 2010.09.28 News
Grant Writing Skills Training 2010.07.23 News
STCU th Governing Board Meeting 2010.05.24 News
5th Investment Seed Forum was held at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Kyiv 2010.05.11 News
A Conference on Spain-ISTC/STCU Cooperation was held 22-23 April 2010 2010.04.23 News
STCU participates in Ukrainian Conference on Commercialization of R&D Results 2010.04.21 News
STCU Business Finance Course for CTCOs 2010.04.21 News
STCU Video Conference with Expert from Market Research Company -- Nerac 2010.04.21 News
Nuclear Forensics Coordination Meetings were held in Kiev 8-10 February 2010.02.08 News
European Union and STCU Visit to Crimea to Discuss Biosafety & Biosecurity Cooperation 2010.01.29 News
Commercialization Round Table at the G.V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics 2010.01.22 News
STCU signs the Statement of Cooperation with the State Informatization Committee of Ukraine 2009.11.23 News
STCU signs the Statement of Cooperation with the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine 2009.11.23 News
STCU DED(USA) meets with Ms. Natia Jokhadze, Director of the Georgian National Science Foundation (GNSF) 2009.10.02 News
Conference 2009.09.14 News
Head of the European Commission Delegation to Ukraine visits STCU, 3 September 2009 2009.09.03 News
STCU Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Establish A Cooperative Framework 2009.08.05 News
STCU Participates in FISA 2009 2009.07.23 News
STCU National Space Agency of Ukraine Agree on Future Cooperation 2009.06.17 News
STCU Nuclear Forensics Experts Workshop in Georgia 2009.06.09 News
STCU 28th Governing Board Meeting 2009.06.03 News
The Ambassador of Sweden visits STCU 7 May, 2009 2009.05.08 News
ISP (Institute Sustainability Program) presentations in Ottawa, Canada 2009.05.07 News
South Korean Ambassador Visits STCU 2009.04.16 News
KPI Rector Visits New STCU Offices 2009.04.07 News
STCU Deepens its Cooperation with National Science Organizations 2009.03.02 News
Seminar on Potential Uses and Commercial Applications of Galileo in Kiev. 2009.02.09 News
Chernivtisi TV News report (October 17, 2008) about STCU Roundtable Workshop on Technology Transfer in Ukraine 2009.01.27 News
STCUs Technology Transfer Officer Program Begins in Moldova 2009.01.13 News
STCU Attends Nuclear Forensics Workshop in Karlsruhe, Germany 2008.12.22 News
EU-CIS Seminar - New Trends in Infectious Diseases in Lyon, France, 26-28 November 2008 2008.12.16 News
The 27th Meeting of the STCU Governing Board 2008.11.17 News
The International Conference for Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, Caucasus and Baltic States on 2008.11.06 News
STCU Holds Round Table on Commercialization of R&D in Chisinau, Moldova 2008.11.06 News
European Union Science Advisors Meeting, Kyiv, 28 October, 2008 2008.11.03 News
Annual Report 2007 2008.10.14 News
STCU Hosts Sustainability Program Meetings in Ukraine 2008.09.24 News
The 26th STCU Governing Board Meeting held on 19 June 2008, Kyiv, Ukraine 2008.06.19 News
Thematic International Conference on Bio-, Nano- and Space Technologies, 2008.04.07 News
Azeri and Georgian CTCO Candidates Graduation 2008.03.12 News
Meeting of Editorial Board of 2008.02.06 News
CTCO course in Baku 2008.01.14 News
STCU Showcase of Ukrainian Start-Ups at the Silicon Valley Open Doors Technology Investment Conference, 8-9 November 2007.12.17 News
Commercialization of NanoMaterials 2007 Conference and Exhibition in Pittsburgh, PA (USA) 2007.12.05 News
STCU Delegation Participates in European Training on intellectual Capital readiness at WIPO-World IP Organization, 19 November 2007, in Geneva, Switzerland 2007.11.29 News
The 25th Meeting of the STCU Governing Board 2007.11.20 News
STCU Delegation Participates in Technology Managers Seminar at ISTC, 20-21 September 2007 2007.11.08 News
A delegation from the Ministry of Unification of the Republic of (South) Korea visited the STCU on 18-19 October 2007.10.29 News
STCU S&T Promotion Event & Exhibition in Portugal 2007.10.15 News
Conference on Commercializing science in Baku, Azerbaijan on October 2007 2007.10.15 News
Georgia Bio Workshop June 2007 2007.07.16 News
STCU participated in the 3rd European Research and Innovation Exhibition in Paris, France 2007.06.20 News
Academy of Sciences of Moldova and Science and Technology Center in Ukraine plan to realize number of joint projects 2007.06.14 News
The ceremony of signing of the STATEMENT OF INTENT TO COOPERATE 2007.06.14 News
The 24th STCU Governing Board meeting convened on 31 May 2007 in Chisinau, Moldova 2007.06.06 News
AMERICANA-2007 2007.06.05 News
STCU participates in Science Festival in Ukraine, 16 -19 May 2007. 2007.05.22 News
STCU participated in the Hannover Messe 2007 Exhibition 2007.05.03 News
Mr. Gerson Sher, the President of US Industry Coalition visited the STCU on April 2-4, 2007 2007.04.13 News
First Visit of STCU Executive Director to Moldova 2007.03.21 News
ղ International Kyivs symposium of science of science and science and technology foresight Foresight of science and technological and innovative development: Ukrainian state program and world experience on June 1-3 2007.03.19 News
From Idea To Goods 2007.03.06 News
STCU/ISTC Meeting 2007.01.29 News
STCU Participated in the National Ukrainian Exhibition in Chicago 2006.12.14 News
STCU SURVEY 2006 2006.12.04 News
STCU Executive Director Participated in the Online Internet Conference 2006.11.30 News
STCU Held its 23rd Governing Board Meeting 2006.11.16 News
STCU Extends the Targeted R&D Initiative Program 2006.10.31 News
Grant-Writing Workshop for Scientists 2006.10.23 News
NATO ASI Workshop Optical Waveguide Sensing & Imaging in Medicine, Environment, Security and Defense 2006.10.20 News
A Round Table on Sustainability 2006.10.19 News
STCU and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine successfully completes the 2nd Round of their Targeted R&D Initiative Program 2006.10.13 News
STCU Held the "From Science to Business" Workshop 2006.10.11 News
STCU Held a Round Table Joint Ukrainian Technology Transfer Initiative 2006.10.06 News
STCU and its Activity in the Ukrainian Mass Media 2006.09.02 News
STCU-Georgian National Science Foundation Meeting 2006.08.29 News
Meeting of ISTC/STCU Member States Contact Points 2006.07.10 News
STCU Held Bio Workshop on 28-30 June in Odessa 2006.06.28 News
STCU Participated in the XXI International Symposium on Science 2006.06.01 News
STCU Participated in the Second Annual CNCP - Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan Conference 2006.05.23 News
STCU Held the 22nd Governing Board Meeting 2006.05.18 News
STCU Delegation Finds Opportunities at BIO 2006 Conference 2006.05.03 News
Meeting at the World Bank 2006.04.06 News
Civil usage of solid rocket fuel 2006.03.27 News
STCU ED Visited KPI 2006.03.22 News
Intellectual Property Management Seminar 2006.03.14 News
STCU Held the Grant-Writing Workshop in Moldova 2006.03.02 News
STCU -NSAU Meeting 2006.02.16 News
STCU Held the Workshop on BIO 2006 2006.02.13 News
Competition Announcement / 2006.02.01 News
The International Conference on Control and Security of Nuclear Materials in Ukraine and the G8 Global Partnership Agenda 2006.01.24 News
STCU 21th Governing Board Joint Statement 2005.12.02 News
STCU provides business trainings to scientists 2005.11.11 News
The International Conference 2005.11.09 News
STCU Holds IPR Workshop in Azerbaijan 2005.10.03 News
German Federal Ministry Delegation Visits the STCU 2005.09.21 News
ISTC-STCU Working Group Meeting on Intellectual Property Rights 2005.09.15 News
STCU Holds Presentation in Ganja, Azerbaijan 2005.06.29 News
STCU 20th Governing Board Joint Statement 2005.06.16 News
STCU Promotional Mission to Germany Nanotrends 2005.06.01 News
Dr. Michael I. Westphal of the EPA Visits the STCU 2005.05.28 News
STCU Participates in Integrated Pest Management Stakeholders Forum for the Central Asia Region 2005.05.07 News
STCU Participates in Vegetable Systems Research and Development 2005.05.06 News
STCU and Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Launch New Cooperative Initiative 2005.04.29 News
STCU Makes Presentation at Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Seminar 2005.04.15 News
STCU Organizes Meeting with Funding Agencies Located in Ukraine 2005.04.01 News
STCU Participates in First Annual CNCP - Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan Conference 2005.03.15 News
First STEP Seminar Held in Tbilisi 2005.02.28 News
STCU Joins the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine 2005.02.22 News
STCU 19th Governing Board Statement 2005.02.10 News
STCU Hosts Kick-Off Meeting for Major New IPP-Supported Partnership Project 2005.02.09 News
PPG Industries Visits the STCU 2005.01.26 News
Representative of the US Office of Naval Research Global Visits the STCU 2005.01.25 News
STCU Makes Presentation to the European Business Association 2005.01.19 News
Important Information on Travel Grant and Conference Support Applications 2005.01.17 News
First Ukrainian Competition for Best Popular Science Article Science and Innovations for Society 2004.12.06 News
STCU Meets with NASU 2004.12.03 News
STCU Donates Computers and other Office Equipment to Local Ukrainian School 2004.12.01 News
STCU Holds Meeting with NASU President Academician Paton 2004.11.29 News
Partner Event Preparation Session for CIDA Mission 2004.11.29 News
STCU Meets Officials from the Ministry of Science and Education 2004.11.12 News
STCU ED Presents at British Council Round Table 2004.11.05 News
STCU Leads Ukrainian Delegation to Biophotonics 2004.10.25 News
NSAU-NASA Cooperation in Space Research Workshop 2004.10.21 News
First Ukrainian Conference on Nanosystems 2004.10.12 News
STCU Holds Grant-Writing Workshop in Uzbekistan 2004.10.07 News
Opening Session of the Central Asia Seismic Risk Initiative 2004.10.05 News
STCU Conducts Workshop on Commercializing Intellectual Property 2004.09.21 News
US Senator Richard Lugar Visits the STCU 2004.09.03 News
Furthering International Bio Chem Engagement 2004.07.29 News
Israeli Delegation Visits the STCU 2004.06.16 News
BioMerieux Visits the STCU 2004.06.14 News
Proposals from the Workshop on the Commercialization of Biotechnologies 2004.05.26 News
New Sustainability Planning Guide Introduced 2004.05.19 News
STCU Field Officers Meeting 2004.05.14 News
STCU Holds Workshop on Commercialization of Biotechnologies 2004.04.16 News
STCU's Lawrence Leahy Interviewed by Uzbek TV 2004.04.02 News
STCU Welcomes New Executive Director 2004.04.01 News
The STCU and France Incubation Sign Agreement 2004.03.23 News
The STCU Sponsors Workshop in Baku 2004.03.15 News
STCU Holds Training Seminar on Biotechnology Proposal Writing and Presentations 2004.02.27 News
STCU Delegation Visits Moldova for Accession Talks 2004.02.25 News
STCU GBM 17 Press Release 2004.01.20 News
STCU Participates in International Exhibition and Conference in Philadelphia, USA 2003.11.16 News
STCU Holds Information Session for the European Union 2003.11.13 News
STCU Holds International Workshop on Biotechnology Commercialization and Security 2003.10.27 News
South African Delegation Visits the STCU 2003.09.22 News
French Delegation Visits the STCU 2003.09.12 News
Victor Alessi (USIC) Visits STCU 2003.08.19 News
Executive Director Speaks at Rotary Club 2003.07.21 News
STCU Launches New Website 2003.07.16 News
STCU Announcement. A hybrid three-day training course entitled Strengthening Individual and Institutional Cybersecurity Capacity against Proliferator State Threats for Research Institutes and Academia in Ukraine 2023.01.01 Announ.
The STCU is pleased to announce an open call for its Virtual Scientist Engagement Fellowship Program for Ukrainian Scientists. 2022.10.21 Announ.
STCU Announcement. Virtual Advanced Nuclear Reactor Technology Fellowship Program For Ukrainian Civil Nuclear Energy Scientists, Technicians, and Engineers Sponsored by the FIRST Program through the STCU 2022.07.26 Announ.
Countering Nuclear Energy Disinformation Fellowship Program 2022.05.30 Announ.
Final ISTC/STCU Fukushima Initiative Expert Committee review meeting on remediation and monitoring in response to the Fukushima nuclear accident will be held in Tokyo, Japan on November 5-6, 2015. 2015.10.05 Announ.
8th International Conference on Isotopes and Expo, August 24-28, 2014, Chicago 2014.02.26 Announ.
Call for proposals opened Invitation to submit project proposals related to land decontamination and monitoring in view of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident 2012.06.01 Announ.
INNOVATION FORUM 2009.03.17 Announ.
EU-CIS Seminar 2008.11.18 Announ.
Conference on Commercializing science in Baku, Azerbaijan on October 2007 2007.10.15 Announ.
Bridges of Friendship. Ukraine-Georgia. 2007.03.01 Announ.
The 6th National Exhibition Made in Moldova 2007.02.07 Announ.
STCU From Science to Business Workshop 2006.10.11 Announ.
New Educational Program "Effective Presentation Skills" 2006.10.10 Announ.
STCU Matchmaking Road Show in Hannover 2006.09.12 Announ.
- ! 2006.09.12 Announ.
STCU Provides the English Courses for Scientists 2006.09.01 Announ.
The Training Session for Scientists 2006.06.14 Announ.
Moldavian Industrial Exhibition 2006.05.31 Announ.
The International Symposium will be Held in Kyiv on June 1-3, 2006 2006.05.26 Announ.
Intellectual Property Management: Video Materials for Scientists 2006.04.14 Announ.
STCU Training/Seminar for Scientists to be Held in Kiev, March 14, 2006 2006.03.14 Announ.
Grant-Writing Workshop for Moldavian Scientists 2006.03.02 Announ.
Made in Moldova 2006.01.31 Announ.
Eurasian Chemical Scientists at the Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers 2005.10.30 Announ.
STCU Workshop in Baku, Azerbaijan 2005.09.27 Announ.
2005.04.20 Announ.
US Visas for Scientists 2005.03.14 Announ.
Introducing STCU Project Software 2005.02.14 Announ.
Mazda 626: For Sale 2005.01.21 Announ.
2004.12.17 Announ.
WORKSHOP: Commercializing Intellectual Property 2004.08.20 Announ.
Information on TARGET TRAINING PROGRAMS 2004.08.20 Announ.
Invitation to the Presentation 2004.07.14 Announ.
2004.07.14 Announ.
2004.07.07 Announ.
Update: ! 2004.04.28 Announ.
! 2004.04.09 Announ.
Training Seminar for STCU Project Participants 2004.02.12 Announ.
̲ ʲ Ҳ 2004.02.12 Announ.
STCU Introduces an Improved Full Form 2004.02.09 Announ.
Inter-Parliamentary Conference 2003.11.20 Announ.
Field Officers'meeting 2003.10.30 Announ.
Canadian International Development Agency Mission to Visit the STCU 2003.10.20 Announ.
Annual Terry Fox Run on October 19, 2003 2003.10.19 Announ.
Advisory Committee Meeting 2003.09.24 Announ.
Meeting in NATO Headquarters 2003.09.22 Announ.
Republic of South Africa Delegation to Visit the STCU 2003.09.18 Announ.
Conference on Advanced Optoelectronics and Lasers 2003.09.15 Announ.
NATO Workshop on Frontiers in Spectroscopy of Emergent Materials 2003.09.15 Announ.
VIII International Conference on Hydrogen Materials Science & Chemistry of Carbon Nanomaterials 2003.09.14 Announ.
Delegation from Ecole Lyon and SNECMA to Visit the STCU 2003.09.12 Announ.
UK-RF CNCP Delegation Visit 2003.09.10 Announ.
French Delegation 2003.09.04 Announ.
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 2003.06.16 Announ.
US Senator Richard Lugar Visits the STCU 2004.09.03 Releases
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