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STCU attends 50th International Paris Air Show Le Bourget

04 Jul 2013
STCU attends 50th International Paris Air Show Le Bourget

On 17- 19 June, STCU participated in world’s leading event dedicated to the aircraft and space industry at Le Bourget, sponsoring a Delegation of 13 selected scientists and engineers from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine in their attempt to develop ties for collaborations.

The show, which drives development in the aerospace sector as a key networking and business event for industry decision-makers, was an ideal place to introduce latest innovations. STCU organized numerous meetings to foster partnership with global leaders in Aerospace such as CNES, DLR, EADS (The Group comprising Airbus, Astrium, Cassidian and Eurocopter), Fiinmeccanica, MICROTURBO ( SAFRAN), THALES, and ISIS (Innovative Solutions In Space BV) to name a few.

The STCU delegation took advantage of being able to use opportunities given in linking with innovation seekers to present their latest technologies and capacities for research partnership. Only with innovation one can solve the conundrum of rising fuel costs, rising passenger demand and rising environmental regulations. This makes the research partnership between aerospace counterparts so important. Latest engineering designs were considered by the managers and companies representatives from Europe, USA, and other countries to learn about benefits and expertise presented by our scientists and their research teams. On the Space Policy side we were joined by Professor Alchin Shirin-zada, General Director of the Azerbaijan Republic National Aerospace Agency. A meeting took also place with Professor Musabayev Chairman of the National Space Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan (on possible Joint STCU-ISTC Space Research projects).
STCU attends 50th International Paris Air Show Le Bourget
Future developments in space travel and aviation are the main reasons why most leading companies were attending the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget. This year it has been a truly successful happening during which contacts established lead to real time solutions for existing challenges. We anticipate continuing our efforts to result in research and development partnership between our scientists and potential foreign partners.

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