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STCU, Poland, 13-17 October 2013

31 Oct 2013
STCU, Poland, 13-17 October 2013

On 13-17 October 2013, a Delegation composed Mrs. Antonina Petrychenko, Deputy Director of the State Enterprise “Technology and Engineering Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Mr. Michel Zayet STCU Deputy Executive Director (EU), and Dr. Vlada Pashynska, STCU Bio Senior Specialist visited the BSL-3 level facility of the Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology (MIHE) in Pulawy, Poland.

This visit was aimed at getting acquainted with the MIHE training base in Pulawy, the main place of the long-term trainings of the Ukrainian Anti-Plague Station (UAPS)specialists in the framework of the STCU project 9804 “Ukrainian Anti-Plague Station - Set Up of Management Structure for the Operational Phase, New Facility Procedures Drafting and Staff Training”. The MIHE experts are responsible for the UAPS staff trainings in different aspects of basic and advanced professional training according to the “Agreement for Advisory Services” signed by the STCU and MIHE in the framework of the STCU project “Biosafety and biosecurity improvement at the Ukrainian Anti-plague Station in Simferopol”. During the recent period of 6-19 October the fourth two-weeks training of the UAPS specialists “Dangerous infectious disease epidemiology” has being performed in Pulawy. The STCU delegation had the possibility to visit the training sessions and to evaluate the training efficiency. The STCU specialists have also visited the laboratories and technical units of the BSL-3 facility in Pulawy and have assessed it as one of the advanced and well equipped BSL-3 level facility in Europe working by the modern world biosafety and biosecurity standards.
STCU with visit  to Poland

During the visit the STCU specialists also discussed with MIHE Deputy Director L. Col. Dr. Marcin Niemcewicz and other MIHE experts the current issues of the STCU project “Biosafety and biosecurity improvement at the Ukrainian Anti-plague Station in Simferopol”, including some questions on the conceptual design of the new UAPS facility, technical details about power generator installation and the plans of the following trainings.

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