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Opening Session of the Central Asia Seismic Risk Initiative

05 Oct 2004 - 22 Dec 2004

Opening Session of the Central Asia Seismic Risk Initiative (CASRI)
Radisson SAS Hotel Tashkent
October 5-6, 2004

The primary objective of the Central Asia Seismic Risk Initiative (CASRI) is to establish a technical basis for activities directed to the reduction of seismic risks in Central Asia—a region susceptible to disasters that may arise from natural and man-made hazards. Historically, the most catastrophic losses in the region (located in one of the most seismically active and hazardous zones within continental Asia) have resulted from strong earthquakes. Because of fairly recent population increases in Central Asia with the associated construction of non-seismic-resistant structures, coupled with the poor disaster preparedness of the population and the generally weak economies in that area, Central Asia is particularly vulnerable to severe consequences in the event of earthquakes. CASRI tasks include engaging seismological institutions in primary research on seismic hazard and risk assessment, monitoring seismological and other geophysical fields and seismic risk reduction. It is foreseen that such institutions will perform work related to the creation of shared regional databases with quality control, which includes geological, geophysical, seismological, geodetic, geotechnical, as well as data on critical facilities that could have significant impact in the region if damaged under severe seismic events.

The STCU is joining the CASRI initiative by providing support to Uzbekistan’s participation by financing 2 CASRI projects in Uzbekistan.

Participating in the opening session were dignitaries and collaborators from the Uzbekistan Government, the European Union and the United States, members of the Uzbek Mass Media as well as scientists from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

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