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04 Dec 2006 - 31 Dec 2006

STCU specialists have developed a system of sustainability evaluation for Technical Units (TUs) that were involved in STCU projects. In order to make such performance measures we annually conduct surveys on effective performance of the projects using special questionnaire form we elaborated for that purpose.
This questionnaire you can view here

STCU SURVEY 2006 has commenced on 01.12.06.
You can pose your questions regarding the survey and can acquire information as to how to fill in the questionnaires in on-line mode.

The report on STCU SURVEY 2005 results you can view here
If you would like to see Ukrainian version of the report and the questionnaire, you are welcome to contact our officers Marina Lysenko 490-7150*744# and Tatyana Illiash 490-7150*722# or by email:,
*Please delete "_" in E-mail address*

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