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STCU Announcement. A virtual three-day training courseentitled “Strengthening Individual and Institutional Cybersecurity Capacity against Proliferator State Threats for Research Institutes and Academia in Ukraine”

03 Apr 2023 - 05 Apr 2023

STCU Announcement
The STCU is pleased to invite interested Ukrainian scientists, technicians, engineers (STEs) as well as managerial staff, to attend a virtual three-day training course entitled “Strengthening Individual and Institutional Cybersecurity Capacity against Proliferator State Threats for Research Institutes and Academia in Ukraine”. The training will be conducted by top cybersecurity professionals from around the world.
The cybersecurity training courses will provide training to strengthen participants’ ability to counter proliferator state-based cybersecurity threats. Objectives of the training include strengthening the participants knowledge of security in cyberspace, as well as knowledge security at the individual and institutional levels, enhancement of vetting of potential research collaborations, and guard against proliferator state access and exploitation of the training participants’ sensitive dual-use knowledge for use in illicit weapons of mass destruction programs.
The modular courses will comprise topics such as individual and institutional cybersecurity vulnerabilities, threats and risks; social engineering; cyber hygiene; real-life incidents and impact; best practices for vetting research partners, strengthening knowledge security, and controlling intangible technological transfers; intersection of cyber, nuclear, and chemical security; international best practices related to Network and Information Security; and practical techniques to strengthen researchers’ safety and security in cyberspace. The course will include lectures and practical exercises.
You can join these virtual training course from your office or home.
The training courses are scheduled to be conducted on 3-5 APRIL, ’23. If circumstances allow, an in-person training segment may take place in parallel with the virtual one, in Sofia, Bulgaria, for participants that are willing and able to undertake the travel for the event.
If you are interested to update your skills in this area, please fill in the application form (attached below) and send it to Any additional information required can also be obtained by contacting this address.

pdf file Download an Application Form

Contact Person: Mykola Lubiv

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