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Joint ISTC/STCU Chernobyl – Fukushima Symposium held in Japan

03 Feb 2012 - 04 Feb 2012
Joint ISTC/STCU Chernobyl – Fukushima Symposium held in Japan

In Tokyo and Fukushima on February 3rd and 4th ISTC/ STCU held a joint Symposium and Seminar with Japanese nuclear experts on “The Experience and Technology of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia on Remediation and Restoration of Environments based on the Chernobyl Accident, its Aftermath, the Experience and Lessons Learned.”
The meetings were sponsored by the US Department of Energy’s GIPP Program, and organized by ISTC and STCU in conjunction with Japanese ministries.
Approximately 30 CIS scientists and government officials presented their findings and work In order to make technical contribution to the efforts in Japan to cope with the aftermath of Fukushima nuclear power plant accident. The results of ISTC and STCU research projects related to remediation and restoration of radioactive contamination was presented and discussed at the symposium/seminar in Japan. Further possibility for cooperation among the participants will be explored during the symposium/seminar. The meetings took place during two days of meetings with approximately 250 participants in each city.
In Tokyo, the symposium mainly focused on the application and R&D of the technologies of decontamination, remediation and restoration of environments, based mainly on ISTC and STCU projects.
In Fukushima, the workshop focused on the Stakeholder’s issues on remediation and restoration of environments, based on the experience of Russia, Ukraine, other NIS countries and International Organizations.
International Organizations (IAEA, OECD/NEA) also participated. And from the Japanese there were participants from nuclear institutes, Japanese ministries and local governments.

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