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Successful Completion of National CBRN Emergency Medicine Training in Ukraine

15 Nov 2023 - 17 Nov 2023
Successful Completion of National CBRN Emergency Medicine Training in Ukraine

Empowering South East and Eastern Europe (SEEE) partner countries, we've established sustainable training systems, provided crucial equipment, and certified CBRN Emergency Medicine Master Trainers, elevating CBRN Emergency Medicine preparedness and response capabilities.
In the majority of SEEE countries, otherwise well trained first-line medical and paramedical responders and second-line hospital emergency staff and emergency medical managers are poorly trained and equipped to respond to a CBRN event.
To address the challenge, EU CBRN CoE Project 88 ‘Strengthening of CBRN Medical Preparedness and Response Capabilities in SEEE countries” provides a forum for all players to work together in the following areas:
• Develop and enhance training capabilities and competencies in CBRN Emergency Medical Preparedness and Response
• Enhance the capacity of CBRN Emergency Medical Training Centres through the provision of equipment and training.
• Standardise procedures for CBRN Emergency Medical Preparedness and Response
• Run training programmes and exercises to test capabilities.
• And finally, exploring regional opportunities to work together.

This sets the stage for the successful conclusion of the First National CBRN Emergency Medicine Training course in Kyiv, Ukraine, from November 15 to November 17, 2023, organized by the Science and Technology Centre in Ukraine (STCU) and run by Ukraine’s CBRN Emergency Medicine Master Trainers in collaboration with the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Bogomolets National Medical University. CBRN Training Equipment was provided by the European Union. 27 Trainees were drawn from the South and Southeast regions of Ukraine.

Targeted Training for Effective Response

The National CBRN Emergency Medicine Training successfully equipped diverse key personnel with essential skills and knowledge to adeptly respond to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) emergencies. The training catered to various target groups:

First Line CBRN Emergency Medicine Responders: Participants in this segment gained expertise in Pre-Hospital management, focusing on crucial techniques for initial assessment, triage, decontamination, and stabilization of patients in CBRN incidents.

Second Line CBRN Emergency Medicine Responders: The training prioritized hospital management of CBRN Emergency Medical Preparedness and Response Operations. Healthcare professionals working in hospital settings enhanced their capacity to handle CBRN-related medical emergencies, covering patient care, decontamination procedures, and coordination with first responders.

Managers at these Institutions: Training was provided for managers overseeing CBRN emergency preparedness and response operations, offering insights into strategic planning, resource allocation, coordination, and decision-making during CBRN incidents.

Para-medical Personnel: Specialized training was extended to emergency medical technicians and paramedics, enhancing their skills in providing immediate care to CBRN-affected individuals in pre-hospital settings.

Medical Personnel: Doctors, nurses, and specialists underwent advanced training to enhance their understanding of CBRN emergency medicine. The training covered advanced techniques for diagnosis, treatment, and patient management in CBRN-related scenarios.

Building a Resilient Response System

The National CBRN Emergency Medicine Training successfully addressed the specific needs of each target group, contributing to the construction of a robust and coordinated response system in Ukraine. Participants gained practical knowledge through hands-on exercises and scenario-based simulations mirroring real-life emergency situations.

Empowering Professionals for Effective Response

The training provided an immersive and interactive experience, fostering knowledge exchange, networking opportunities, and collaboration among CBRN emergency medicine professionals. Participants are now empowered with the requisite skills and expertise to effectively respond to CBRN emergencies, ensuring the safety and well-being of the Ukrainian population.

Looking Ahead: Further Details to Follow

This training was the pilot course for Ukraine and in the coming months, detailed information regarding registration, program highlights, and logistical aspects of future training sessions will be provided. Interested individuals and organizations are encouraged to stay tuned for updates on upcoming critical training opportunities.

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