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STCU Holds International Workshop on Biotechnology Commercialization and Security

27 Oct 2003

The "International Workshop on Biotechnology Commercialization and Security" held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan from October 14 - 17, 2003, was a successful effort to bring together a multinational collection of experts in fields as diverse as genetic engineering, defense conversion, patent law and biosecurity. With scientists and policy specialists from six countries, the four days of presentations generated a hefty compilation of research abstracts, numerous site visits and often animated questions-and-answer sessions following many of the talks. We clearly met our objectives of strengthening cooperation between STCU country researchers and the world scientific community; developing means to accelerate the defense conversion process in Uzbekistan in the area of biotechnology; and, advancing commercialization opportunities in the fields of biotechnology and biosecurity.

According to STCU Tashkent Office representatives who took a count of participants, some 250 people attended the opening ceremony in the main conference hall of the Presidium of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences. From there, the sessions moved to the Radisson SAS hotel where there was an average of between 50 - 100 attendees at each presentation.

The talks given by scientists from Ukraine, Georgia, Russia and Uzbekistan tended to be technical in nature and often led to a large number of questions from the audience at the conclusion of the presentation. Many of the Western presentations dealt with policy issues, commercialization and specific bilateral programs. The STCU is placing most of these presentations on the Center’s website, along with many of the technical abstracts. More than 20 Western specialists participated in the conference.

There were a number of specially arranged site visits in addition to the delegation tour of the Institute of Zoology. Dr. Salykhov supported the arrangements for a dinner Tuesday evening, a small reception Thursday evening in connection with the poster session, and a closing banquet Friday night.

The STCU hopes that there will be a number of joint projects resulting from this workshop. The Center will now be considering further steps, such as a specialized workshop or a focused trade fair in the West.

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