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Meeting of ISTC/STCU Member States Contact Points

10 Jul 2006
Meeting of ISTC/STCU  Member States Contact Points

On July 10, 2006 the European Commission Directorate-General for Research hosted the Meeting of ISTC/STCU Member States Contact Points, which took place in Brussels.

STCU Deputy Executive Director (EU) Mr. Michel Zayet presented the STCU and its Partner Program. The ISTC was represented by the Deputy Executive Director (EU) Mr. Uwe Meyer.

The main objective of the Meeting was the discussion of the procedures the European Commission applied to the ISTC and STCU, as well as the necessary involvement requested from Member States. The Meeting also discussed the relevance and opportunities for Member States while funding research projects, and the necessity to coordinate the non-proliferation aspects with the relevant authorities within the Member States.

Future similar meetings are scheduled to continue developing ties between the EU and the two Centers.

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