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CONDENsE Collected Abstracts

30 Mar 2020
CONDENsE Collected Abstracts

CONDENsE stands for Conference on Dual-Use education and non-proliferation awareness raising. On 28-30th August STCU and ISTC hosted a conference in Ypres, Belgium. The conference brought together young scientists and participants from 17 countries. Ypres was the site of the first large scale use of chemical weapons during World War I. With this history as a backdrop the participants mulled over
questions of responsibility, innovation, technological trajectories and the potential for misuse of scientific and technological developments.

During the conference, each participant gave a 6 minute lightning talk on their research and societal implications which served to prime the participants and get to know each other. Participants were asked to provide a short summary following the event. This document presents the participants submissions.

The conference was organized by STCU and ISTC, carried out in partnership with the InFlandersFields Museum and funded by the European Union.

Materials for download
CONDENsE Abstract

Contact Person: Elena Taberko

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