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STCU Matchmaking Road Show in Hannover

12 Sep 2006 - 20 Apr 2007

STCU provides a platform for technology transfer professionals and technology developers to exhibit selected Ukrainian innovative technologies at the "Innovations Market for R&D", a part of Hannover Messe (, April 16 - 20, 2007, and also to promote a broader variety of innovative technologies using the on-line matchmaking system, a part of the platform offered, during February 16 - April 16, 2007.

Invited Co-Exhibitors

In accordance with the concept discussed during the Round Table on October 6, 2006, and agreed with Ukrainian Partners, in particular with the Ministry of Science and Education, Ministry of Industrial Policy, and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, selected Ukrainian organizations will be invited as co-exhibitors, and receive promotion opportunities at Hannover Messe using the platform offered by the STCU:

  • top-rated technologies from the All-Ukrainian Innovations Contest 2006 (

  • top-rated NANU institutes participating in a recent STCU initiative, the Chief Technology Commercialization Officers (CTCO) Initiative

STCU sponsors a top-notch fair package including a roomy booth, invited co-exhibitors, product listing in the catalogue and electronic media, press releases, and press boxes.

Additionally, all STCU project participants are encouraged to benefit from the online matchmaking system. For this, please complete the STCU Technology Profile Form (TPF) using the following TPF Instruction. You may have previously submitted your technology profile to the STCU - please update the information in accordance with the most recent form in order the portfolio for Hannover Messe will be in a unified format (TPF Example). Please contact a specific STCU Senior Specialist and work together with her/him, using the on-line matchmaking system, on identifying targeted companies among the exhibitors at the Hannover Messe 2007. The Senior Specialist will meet with targeted companies and contribute to promotion of your technology.

Welcomed Scientists

Participants of active (in April 2007) STCU projects are encouraged to benefit from joining the team/platform using their own project travel budget. STCU strongly believes that Hannover could give you much more opportunities for furthering sustainability and commercialization than participation in purely scientific conferences that are scheduled in many projects.

Technical Areas

Please note that the Hannover Messe encompasses thirteen Trade Fairs including Industrial Automation (process automation, production automation and industrial building automation); Motion, Drive & Automation (power transmission and control); Digital Factory (integrated processes and IT solutions); Subcontracting (engineering materials, processes, manufacturing - the entire subcontracting market); Energy (renewable and conventional power generation, transmission, distribution); Pipeline Technology (pipeline technology and network management); FM Solutions (integrated facility management and maintenance); ComVac (compressed air and vacuum); Surface Technology plus Powder Coating Europe; Microtechnology (applied microsystem technology and nanotechnology); Research and Technology (innovations market for R&D).

STCU-sponsored exhibit will belong to the Research and Technology Trade Fair, which announced its focus on the following

"Futureoriented Technologies"

  • Nanotechnology

  • Adaptronics

  • Energy&Environment

  • Bionics

  • Superconductors

  • Microsystems Technology

  • Intelligent Textile

  • Optical/Photonics

Please mark your TPF with the area you selected from the list of "Futureoriented Technologies" and contact a Senior Specialist whose STCU Technical Area better corresponds to the Application Area of your technology.

Event Coordinator: Lyubov Taranenko,

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