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10 Jul 2017

The United States Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP) has been operating in Azerbaijan since 2004. Many companies working on veterinary area in Azerbaijan beneficially used the opportunities provided by this program. State Veterinary Control Service (SVCS) of Azerbaijan succeeded greatly through this program. During the actions implemented within the framework of the program, central reference veterinary laboratories were constructed and supplied with the contemporary equipment. Specialists of the laboratories were trained with an aim to gain an experience in diminishing the biological threat performed within the framework of Decreasing Biological Hazard Program in the five zones of Azerbaijan which are Goygol, Quba, Barda, Qakh and Sabirabad. Zonal veterinary laboratories (especially Goygol Zonal Veterinary Laboratory) consist of bacteriological, virological, serological and toxicology departments. The specialists were trained on how to manage with the equipment during laboratorial examinations and tests. Besides, they were trained on how to control biological security and keep standard procedure of the operational rules. The trainings improved the skills of Azerbaijani specialists making them high-leveled specialists. The trainings serve improving Azerbaijanís national disease surveillance system for tracking cases of reportable and other diseases. In addition, specialists of regional veterinary offices participated through epidemiological and field clinical trainings. All this training has been transitioned to Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan and is implemented through State Doctors Improvement Institute (SDII) and SVCS. The laboratories are supplied with modern equipment, such as PSR, Eliza, autoclaves, sterilizers, microscopes, biosecurity equipment, etc. Various diseases are examined, such as anthrax, brucellosis, Bird flu, Newcastle, viral diarrhea, aphtae epizooticae, infectious bursal. Additionally, pasteurellosis, salmonellosis, bacteriose are also examined and consequently nearby farmers are informed which proves the fact of close communication with nearby population. During the program implementation, it was also managed to establish a solid partnership with many international organizations to exchange of experiences, opinions and knowledge.

Contact Person: Gulam Babayev

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