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STCU 19th Governing Board Statement

10 Feb 2005


February 10th, 2005

The 19th Meeting of the STCU Governing Board held in Kyiv

Kiev. On Thursday February 10, 2005, the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) held the 19th Meeting of the STCU Governing Board where it approved funding for various science and technology projects in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan including; 25 regular projects (including continuations) for a total of $2,544,835+ ˆ775,000. The Governing Board also confirmed fifteen (15) new Partner Projects activities approved since the June 2004 STCU Board of Governors Meeting for a total of $3,829,417.40 + ˆ289,267.00. It also confirmed the extension of six (6) Partner Project contracts, for a total of $232,984 + ˆ53,964.

The total funding approved at the 19th Governing Board was $ 6,607,236.00 and ˆ1,118,231.00

Until January 2005, the donor countries had committed to projects the following funds: Canada – US $3.0m, U.S.A. - US $63.4m, European Union - US $18.7m, Private Partners Sector - US $9.6, Government Partners Sector - US $13.6m and Others (Japan, CERN) - US $1.0m for a total of US $109.3.

The total funding to date including all 19 Governing Boards stands at approximately $117.5 million USD

The Governing Board also noted the 7 December 2004 completion of approval procedures of all donor parties regarding the Republic of Moldova accession to the STCU. The Governing Board welcomes Moldova as a beneficiary party to the STCU and looks forward to the early initiation of STCU operations and opening of an STCU Regional Office in Moldova once diplomatic accreditation and legal formalities are completed.

The Governing Board strongly encouraged the STCU to pursue its targeted R&D Initiative Program, especially its work with the National Academy of Science in Ukraine to develop co-funded projects in high interest research areas.
The STCU Targeted Initiative Program will focus international expertise and resources of the Academy and STCU to build research capacity and excellence within Ukraine.

The Science and Technology Center in Ukraine is an intergovernmental, non-profit organization created with the goal of aiding unemployed or underemployed scientists previously working on the development of weapons of mass destruction. The STCU was created and is governed by the Agreement to Establish a Science and Technology Center in Ukraine originally signed by Canada, Sweden, Ukraine, and the United States of America in 1993. Subsequently, Sweden was replaced by the European Union and Azerbaijan, Georgia and Uzbekistan have also become signatories to the agreement. The STCU finances projects which convert the military know-how of the scientists of our recipient states into peaceful civilian applications. Other than regular projects, the STCU also works in a number of other spheres of activity, which include: Matchmaking, Promotional Missions, Seminars and Workshops, Partnership Projects, Travel Grants and Patenting Support. The STCU’s funding of various projects since its creation in 1993 has now totalled over US $117 million. For more information on the Center’s activities please visit our website at

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