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Offer to edit and critique Ukrainian science proposals

28 Mar 2014

To: Science and Technology Center in Ukraine

Dear Scientists and Engineers at Institutes and Universities in Ukraine -

As Americans anxiously watch developments in Ukraine, we wish that we could do something to help. I would like to offer my services, without charge, to assist any Ukrainian scientist who is submitting an English-language proposal for STCU or international funding, with editing for clarity and efficient English prose. On some proposals, I may also be able to offer technical critiques and suggestions as well, but at least, I can assist Ukrainian grant-seekers to make the best possible case for their scientific ideas.
Please encourage any scientists you may know - whether they were participants in our May 2013 workshop or not - to contact me for no-cost assistance. This assistance is being offered on my own account, and not through The Grantsmanship Center, who sponsored our workshop in Kyiv. Interested scientists should submit drafts in English to this e-mail address, giving full information as to the program to which the proposal is to be submitted, and its deadline for submission.

With best personal regards,

Tom Blackburn

Thomas R. Blackburn Grants Consultancy
1504 Irving St. NE
Washington DC 20017

Note: STCU does not represent Mr. Blackburn and so cannot take responsibility for his offer of help, but we do believe his offer is genuine and people should judge the results for themselves. You can check for more information on their website.

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