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STCU Participated in USIC Annual Meeting

16 Mar 2011
STCU Participated in USIC Annual Meeting

On March 16, STCU delegation with 6 scientists from Ukrainian space institutes took part in US Industry Coalition (USIC) Annual Meeting. General presentations about current capabilities and opportunities for cooperation were made by representatives from State Design Bureau “Yuzhnoe”, Kharkiv Aerospace University “KHAI”, Institute of Technical Mechanics, Dnipropetrovsk, Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics and Lviv Center of Institute of Space Research. A similar presentation about STCU activities and Partner Program was delivered as well. Partner Projects were highlighted as cost-effective mechanism for US companies, which conduct their R&D outsourcing projects in CIS countries. STCU booth offered technology profile forms and other STCU promo materials on CD disks and in printed form. A number of useful contacts with current and potential STCU Partners were established. As a first result, discussions about two new STCU Partner Projects are ongoing now.
The U.S. Industry Coalition is a non-profit corporate membership association of high tech businesses, associations, and research institutions who are actively engaged in technology commercialization in the service of global security, peace and prosperity. A USIC corporate membership grants companies access to a wide range of valuable technology commercialization expertise and resources. Since 1994, USIC has facilitated projects for U.S. companies through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Global Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention (GIPP) program. Through the GIPP program, USIC’s members and corporate partners have utilized the expertise of scientists in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other Eurasian countries to develop a wide variety of technologies.
State Design Office “Yuzhnoe” is a powerful design company which is cooperation with its partners provides turnkey developments for complicated high-tech projects. The main directions of the Yuzhnoe’s activities remain the development operation of the space-rocket technology. Launch vehicles, spacecraft and rocket engines developed by Yuzhnoe meet the highest international standards.

The Institute of Technical Mechanics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the National Space Agency of Ukraine is involved in addressing a wide range of scientific problems regarding the development launch vehicles and spacecrafts. The Institute has been acting as the leading institute of Ukrainian aerospace industry since 1995.

The National Aerospace University “KHAI” is today a globally recognized educational and research center in the Aerospace area.

The Lviv Center of Institute for Space Research of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the National Space Agency of Ukraine was organized in 1996 as a scientific experimental division of the Institute for Space Research. The institute’s main objectives are: the development, testing and implementation of the advanced instrumentation for space research.

The Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IRE NASU) was established in 1955. The main objective of the Institute was research and development in the wide frequency range of electromagnetic wave spectrum, with à special emphasis on the millimeter (mm) and sub-millimeter (sub-mm) waves.
Since its establishment, the Institute has gained à status of à widely-known scientific center, whose achievements determine the level of the national science in radio physics, vacuum electronics, quasi-optics, microwave studies in solid-state physics and biophysics, radio wave propagation, remote sensing of Earth from airborne and space-borne platforms, etc.

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