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Azeri and Georgian CTCO Candidates Graduation

12 Mar 2008 - 31 Mar 2008
Azeri and Georgian CTCO Candidates Graduation

STCU hosted certificate award ceremonies for some 23 Azeri and 20 Georgian participants who successfully completed the STCU’s Chief Technology Commercialization Officer (CTCO) training program. On 12-13 February in Baku (Azerbaijan), Academician Makhmud Kerim ogly Kerimov (President, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan) presented certificates to the newly appointed Azeri CTCOs, who represent some 13 Azeri institutes and organizations. Academician Kerimov also used the ceremony to announce a recent governmental decree to create a Technology Transfer Center within the Azeri Academy of Sciences. Later, the new CTCOs presented results from “technology audits” of their institutes and discussed possible future activities.

On 15-16 February in Tbilisi (Georgia), the Georgian CTCO candidates received their certificates from Natia Djohadze (Director, Georgian National Scientific Foundation). Also attending the ceremony were Aleksandr Gongadze (Advisor to the President of Georgia), Zurab Neparidze (Deputy Director, Georgian National Intellectual Property Center), and Irina Khomeriki (Head, Georgian Branch Office of International Science and Technology Center). The Georgian CTCOs also presented and discussed the results of their own institute technology audits and proposed business plans.

During both the Baku and Tbilisi events, STCU representatives led by STCU Depute Executive Director (USA) Victor Korsun held round-table presentations and discussions on technology transfer & commercialization through international cooperation, patenting issues, and partnering through STCU, the European 7th Framework Program, and other cooperation programs.

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