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STCU “From Science to Business” Workshop

11 Oct 2006 - 12 Oct 2006

The STCU organized “From Science to Business” Workshop is announced to take place on 11-12 October, 2006 in Kiev. With a genuine focus on bringing knowledge and best practices to Ukrainian Scientists, it shall offer a platform for exchanges between Foreign Speakers, Companies, Institutes and a large invited audience representing Ukrainian Research.

Day One will gather about 200 pre-selected local scientists to hear various presentations and speeches by keynote speakers, mostly from the Centre’s Funding Parties. A Press Conference and a Technology Exhibition will take place.

Day Two will be used for a reduced number of invited Ukrainian Scientists and all Foreign participants to split in five Panel Groups to discuss innovative technologies and commercialization success stories in the following areas: Medical Instrumentation and Biomedical Technology, New Materials and Nanotechnology, Aerospace, Renewable Energy and Energy-conversation Technologies, Nuclear Energy and Safety.

To get more information on the event please access the Workshop information page here.

Workshop Coordinator's Contact E-mail =>

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