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The STCU has Introduced an Improved Full Form

09 Feb 2004 - 17 Aug 2004

On 9 February 2004, the STCU introduced an improved Full Form.

As you are aware, last autumn the STCU started to integrate sustainability planning into the project proposal submission and approval process. At that time, a few questions were added to the Full Form and a Sustainability Planning document, sometimes called the Technology Implementation Plan (TIP), was posted on the STCU website as guidance.

The STCU has now introduced simplified procedures: as of 9 February, all proposals registered with the STCU will be required to use the improved Full Form. This revision includes both new and reworded questions, as well as an entire new section (1.19 Sustainability Planning). As a result, applicants will no longer be required to submit a separate Sustainability Planning document or TIP.

The new Full Form encourages applicants to propose two sorts of research: their primary scientific or technical objective, and, in addition, a specific market research objective that can be answered over the lifetime of their project. We have defined ‘market’ very broadly to include sources of research support. Thus, even those engaged in fundamental or theoretical science may continue to compete for funding.

The separate Sustainability Planning document will remain available on the STCU website to serve as a guide and source of ideas.

We hope that these changes will encourage applicants to propose projects that will help them -- both directly and indirectly -- to achieve financial stability.

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