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Seminar on Export Control of Dual-use Materials and Technologies in GUAM Countries

14 Mar 2018 - 15 Mar 2018
Seminar on Export Control of Dual-use Materials and Technologies in GUAM Countries

The Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) hosted a seminar entitled “Export Control of Dual-use Materials and Technologies in GUAM Countries” on March 14th-15th in Kyiv, Ukraine. This seminar was held under a Targeted Initiative funded by the European Union that aims to raise awareness in member countries of the STCU, and enhance the effectiveness of export control systems for dual-use items and related materials, equipment and technologies through the provision of necessary trainings and educational programs.
The Targeted Initiative is dedicated to engaging the academic community in the CBRN area of knowledge, particularly in both intangible technology transfer and the education of professionals for the export control systems of the GUAM region and encouraging them to commit to building a relevant legal framework, policy provisions, and administrative capacity to live up to their international obligations under Export Control regimes.
Over 50 participants from the GUAM countries’ government, scientific institutions, and industry, as well as representatives from the European Commission, EU Joint Research Center, Argonne National Laboratory, and the EXBS office of the US Embassy in Kyiv attended the workshop.
Government, scientific institutions, and industry shared their perspectives on the specific areas of common interest such as the setup of appropriate legal frameworks and institutional mechanisms; new trends in the policies of identification, authorizing and licensing of export; the role of higher education specialized courses for successful capacity-building; and the ways by which manufacturers may ensure internal compliance procedures and apply control measures during the production process.
Expected outcomes of the Project:
• Increased knowledge of the regional community about CBRN weapons and non-proliferation;
• Establishment of a platform for exchange of opinion among members of the academia, the relevant industry sectors in the region, and export control concerned government services;
• An agreed document that will present the perspective of the regional members of the Academia about CBRN non-proliferation and export control;
• Graduate and post-graduate courses on these topics to start to be implemented in 2018;
• The development of a PhD grant for a student from GUAM countries to study these topics in the EU in 2018;
• A multilingual database with information on local industry products and companies that use, import or export dual use materials and technologies;
• A multilingual handbook including information international legal framework export control systems and other relevant information from the GUAM region; and
• Creation of a sustainable network of scientists to regionally discuss the impact of new technological developments and publish them.

For more information, please contact Elena Taberko, tel.: +38044 490 71 50;

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Contact Person: Elena Taberko

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