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STCU Held its 23rd Governing Board Meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine

16 Nov 2006
STCU Held its 23rd Governing Board Meeting

The Twenty Third Meeting of the Governing Board of the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) convened on November 16, 2006 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Among its activities, the Governing Board approved funding for 28 new regular scientific projects, totaling USD $687,869 and 2,731,390, and it confirmed 11 new Partner Projects and 11 Partner Project extensions, totaling USD $2,323,531 and 375,488.

Among the projects approved for funding were the first-ever STCU projects in the Republic of Moldova, a significant step that will be complemented with the soon-to-be-opened STCU Office in Chisinau,

As part of the STCU's Targeted R&D Initiative Program; the STCU Governing Board and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) approved 10 jointly selected science projects for a grand total of nearly $1 million. These 10 projects will be co-financed by the Academy (USD$500,000) and by the STCU Financing Parties (USD$354,076 and 111,995). This was the second round of the STCU-NASU Targeted Initiative Program, and the selected projects focused on research in nanotechnologies, energy conversation and industrial safety, information technology. The STCU Governing Board also approved the start of a third STCU-NASU round as well as the initiation of a Targeted Initiative Program with the Georgian National Science Foundation, following the same format as the existing Targeted Initiatives

The STCU Governing Board consists of representatives from Canada, the European Union, Ukraine, and the United States of America. The Board meets on a semi-annual basis to determine the Center's policies and to approve funding for scientific projects and supplemental programs and activities. The total project funding to date from all 23 STCU Governing Boards stands at approximately $149.8 million.

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