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The US DOE conducted a working meeting with National Technical University of Ukraine Kyiv Polytechnic Institute on Sep 7, 2012

07 Sep 2012
The US DOE conducted a working meeting with National Technical University of Ukraine Kyiv Polytechnic Institute on Sep 7, 2012

In the framework of US DOE Global Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention Program (GIPP), STCU arranged a meeting with Rector and several technical Deans of the National Technical University of “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” to meet with Dr. Dawn Verdugo from Brookhaven National Laboratory, US Department of Energy on 7 September, 2012.

The Rector of KPI Dr. Mykhaylo Zgurovskyi opened the meeting along with his administration and faculty and Dr. Verdugo, jointly with STCU Deputy Executive Director (USA) Mr. Vic Korsun. They discussed the future development of new courses at KPI to train engineering students and scientists to make them aware of the dangers of expertise proliferation, knowledge and information security.

Dr. Verdugo is working on the development of expertise proliferation/knowledge security curriculum tailored to dual-use scientists working in the areas of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear at institutes and universities. She is in the information-gathering stage of this program, collecting information and gathering insight from other organizations that work in nonproliferation initiatives in order to make sure that the curriculum that will be developed is complimentary for Ukrainian students and scientists, rather than duplicative.

She has outlined 3 general goals for her visit to KPI:
1. Learn about any past, current, or planned STCU activities within the area of nonproliferation education; particularly anything related to responsible science, knowledge security, and/or expertise proliferation.
2. Establish working-level contacts that her team could reach out to as they develop this curriculum, such as critiquing and refining content for Ukrainian students and scientists.
3. Gather ideas on key institute/university audiences that may benefit from such curriculum.
During the meeting KPI’s Deans presented information about safety and security training that is currently being done in the context of existing engineering courses. This was important for Dr. Verdugo to hear so that the new curricula witch is planned does not duplicate, and actually supplements, what is already ongoing at the KPI. Under the GIPP program the concept will be to help students and engineers to become stewards of knowledge and to carry out scientific research in a professional and responsible manner, particularly as it relates to knowledge security or expertise proliferation.
As presently envisioned these courses will begin with nonproliferation basics and dual-use research and technologies. The training will characterize proliferation risks such as with materials, technologies and expertise. The development of a nonproliferation and security among students and scientists will be emphasized. The training will also include expertise security case studies and practical exercises.
Future meetings are envisioned to develop these concepts jointly.

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