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The STCU is pleased to announce an open call for its Virtual Scientist Engagement Fellowship Program for Ukrainian Scientists.

21 Oct 2022 - 28 Feb 2023

This Program will fund virtual fellowships for Ukrainian scientists from dual-use disciplines such as aeronautics, biology, and chemistry. These short-term fellowships are intended to help Ukrainian scientists generate supplemental revenue during this temporary period of economic uncertainty and deepen collaboration and networks on science, nonproliferation, and security issues. Each Fellowship will last three or six months. Fellowship topics could include the following: technology familiarization, analysis, and assessment; chemical and biological supply-chain, transportation, and physical security projects; sensitive technology transfers analysis and reports; regulatory development and licensing considerations for aeronautics, biology, or chemistry; workshops, webinars, and publications intended for Ukrainian stakeholders on chemical and biological security; and other related topics. Eligible Ukrainian scientists may also apply to participate virtually in capacity-building engagements for third countries as speakers, lecturers, and panelists and be compensated via honorarium for their time, while travel-eligible experts in Ukraine (e.g., women) and scientists currently located outside Ukraine could receive travel grant support to attend related conferences, workshops, and other opportunities.
STCU will identify and provide a minimum of 18 six-month fellowships, or 35 three-month fellowships, or some combination thereof with a maximum grant award of $18,000 per award for a six-month fellowship and $9,000 per award for a three-month fellowship. Fellowship recipients will be selected in coordination with a needs assessment that prioritizes dual-use scientists, technicians, and engineers.
Applications should be submitted in English no later than February 28, 2023, to the STCU Senior Deputy Executive Director Mr. Mykola Lubiv at ( Each application should include all the following components to be considered:

• Project title that states the topic and goal of work to be performed under the Fellowship;

• 2-3 page statement of work describing each task to be performed under the Fellowship. Include project goals, a list of key tasks, schedule, milestones, desired outcomes, and deliverables. The list of deliverables must include short monthly reports and a final report, following a report format that STCU will provide, that describes the work completed;

• Complete CV or resume for an applicant, including educational and professional history, current employer if any, list of publications and credentials, and current contact information;

• Applicant’s full name, date of birth, gender, nationality/country of passport issuance, job title, institution, applicant’s current email address, applicant’s current phone number, and a government issued identification or passport number;

• Identification of any Ukrainian collaborating institutes or experts, if any, in the activity;

• Identification of foreign collaborators or contacts, if any, (e.g., U.S., U.K, EU, Japan, South Korea) in the activity;

• Amount of funding requested.

Please direct any questions regarding this announcement to STCU DED Mykola Lubiv at

Contact Person: Mykola Lubiv

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