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Sunday, 26 May 2019

Success Stories

Dilatant Technology for Oil & Gas Well Stimulation(9/37)

Sigor Corporation is a U.S. based company with a dedicated mission to provide quality well services to the Oil & Gas Industry worldwide. The company was selected by the U.S. Department of State as a collaborator for STCU project #1588. During a period of almost 3 years of collaboration Igor Skakovsky, President and CEO of Sigor Corporation, as well as the rest of Sigorís team members developed a professional and personal relationship with the members of the Ukrainian collaborating party and in particular with the project manager and Doctor of Technical Sciences, A.V.Mykhalyuk, who has over 40 years of technical and scientific expertise.
The purpose of this project was to develop industrially applicable cost-effective technologies for the stimulation of oil & gas wells and productivity enhancement for all types of mining operations such as precious stones, coal degassing, radioactive minerals, etc., as a response to the steadily increasing prices for energy resources.
This project was successfully completed and resulted in the development of Dilatant technologies. Additional financial support was provided by the U.S. Department of Energy in order to complete field studies.
Based on the developed technologies Sigor Corporation designed 3 different services to satisfy the needs of their complex client base worldwide. On February 17th, 2004 the United States Patent and Trademark Office registered a trademark for SWTorpedo.
Today, under mutually beneficial agreements signed between Sigor Corporation and the group of Ukrainian scientists, SWTorpedo well stimulation services can increase production of oil and gas cost-effectively by normally increasing yields 4 times for oil wells, 10 times for gas wells and 12 times for irrigation wells. Its effect is long lasting, and the implementation of such well treatment is environmentally friendly in comparison to existing treatments by acid or hydro fracturing. Successful commercial applications of these services in the U.S. are acknowledged by the Society of Petroleum Engineers magazinesí Journal of Petroleum Technologies (JPT). A related article was published by the JPT magazine in the Technology Application section in their July 2004 edition and available worldwide.
One of the most important future collaborations that seem to be a logical next step is the development of an effective protection technique for oil & gas wells when explosive stimulation methods are used.

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