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Saturday, 25 September 2021

Partnering Events

The goal of Partnering Events is to showcase recent advances in technologies of Azeri, Georgian, Moldova, Ukrainian, and Uzbek scientists and engineers to the business and scientific communities of the European Union, and the United States of America. These events allow for fruitful technology exchange and create opportunities for former WMD scientists and engineers to integrate into the international community and to develop sustainable civilian research work. Targeted interative matchmaking and thecompetitive selection prosess are the key components of the Partnering Event preparation

Experts from Azeri, Georgian, Moldova, Ukrainian, and Uzbek are invited to apply for participation in Partnering Events, as listed below, in accordance with their specific technology focus and following the guidelines on How to Apply. The STCU's decision will be made on a competitive basis following the guidelines as outlined below and based upon the documentation submitted by applicants.

During the event, scientists shall present reports devoted to the event theme, and also have an opportunity to network with their foreign colleagues. Following the event, participants may visit local research institutions as well as governmental and private sector enterprises engaged in relevant activities.

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