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About Us

The STCU is the first intergovernmental organization in Ukraine and was established by an Agreement signed on 15 October 1993, by the four founding Parties: Ukraine, Canada, Sweden and the United States of America. The Agreement was put into force by Ukrainian President Kravchuk’s decree # 202 on 04 May 1994. The STCU began its first organizational steps in November 1994, and was fully registered in Ukraine on 14 February 1995. The European Union acceded to the STCU agreement on November 26, 1998, and in so doing, replaced Sweden as a Party to the STCU agreement. Canada withdrew from the STCU Agreement on November 6, 2013. The STCU’s main purpose is:

“To support research and development activities for peaceful applications by Ukrainian, Georgian, Uzbekistani, Azerbaijani and Moldovan scientists and engineers, formerly involved with development of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery, as part of the general process of conversion to a civilian, market-oriented environment.”

To December 2013, the donor countries had committed to projects the following funds: Canada - $10.2m, U.S.A.- $77.2m, European Union - $54.1m (€43.2m), Non-Government Partners Sector - $42.6m, Government Partners Sector - $70.9m and Other (Japan, Sweden) - $2.7m, for a total of approximately $257.7m. As its contribution Ukraine provides suitable office premises and pays costs associated with maintenance and security.

As of December 2013, the STCU employed over 3,000 scientists working on approximately 150 projects in the field (approx. 85% in Ukraine, the remainder in Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Moldova). The administrative budget for 2014 is $1.31 million USD, and project costs for 2013 totalled $13.00m. The STCU is made up of one head office located in Kyiv, and four regional offices (1 person each) in Tbilisi, Georgia, Baku, Azerbaijan, and Chisinau, Moldova, and Kharkiv, Ukraine which has 2 persons located there.

The STCU is a legal entity and has been registered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine as an intergovernmental organization with its headquarters located at 7a Metalistiv St., Kyiv, Ukraine 03057 See MFA's Certificate. The STCU has an international staff of 61 full time scientific, financial, and administrative experts.

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