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Saturday, 13 April 2024

STCU Sustainability Promotion


Through the use of a Sustainability Officer the STCU provides a means to measure an institute’s “sustainability” to develop a strategic plan for STCU interaction with each institute to assist the institutes in developing their own systemic methods for identifying research funding opportunities. The STCU assists institutes in cooperative development and implementation of strategic plans for their future. The STCU Sustainability Officer works through the Project's assigned Senior Specialist or directly with the institutes to identify personnel for targeted training and to put an institute on display to audiences of R&D customers in the institutes’ core research competencies.

The Sustainability Promotion process:

  • Assist Senior Specialists in strengthening the sustainability development sections of regular projects
  • Coordinate activities which will strengthen the technology transfer skills of selected Institutes
  • Undertake analysis of Western, high-tech markets in support of the business activities and interests of selected research organizations
  • Work with Western consultants in formulating and implementing technology transfer activities and developing business strategies at recipient-country research organizations
  • Coordinate training of selected researchers with the overall STCU training program

The Sustainability Development Officer’s responsibilities entail creating, promoting and implementing various activities to encourage self-sustainability with recipient-country institutes and research groups. In coordination with the STCU program for market analysis, for patents & licensing, and using guidance from other departments of the STCU, the position focuses on guiding organizations towards successfully exploiting project results and attracting funding from a variety of sources.

For more information about the STCU Sustainability Promotion program please contact the STCU via email or use our On Line Consultation Form

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